Over on The Comics Journal website right now.

It’s the best of the bunch. You don’t know The Invisibles unless you know our Poodle.

11 Responses to “Amypoodle on hauntology and The Invisibles – Part III”

  1. clever sobriquet Says:

    It’s a genius series of columns, these, that opened something in me akin to my initial runs at the comic itself. Perhaps more importantly to me, I finally feel like I have a lens through which to make sense of the sharply lesser import I give The Invisibles as a series now than I did when immersed in it (at which point I rightly considered it revelatory and important); it may well be an indication that it “worked” in me. Sincere thanks for that.

  2. amypoodle Says:

    I’m not sure that the first one was very good, but I’m pretty happy with the last two, especially since with the third installment I actually edited the piece on site. Meant it was prettier basically.

    Yeah, sounds like you cured yourself of it.

  3. mad_arab Says:

    you mindless have been hitting it out of the park on SUCH a consistent basis recently. i can only imagine the sexy self-satisfied smirks you all must have.

    incredible finale to an incredible series, amy. your writing here does exactly what a hauntological reading should: drag hope out of the corners, from a moment in time when we believed cities could talk and mad men had the answers and all we needed to change the world was a brisk mind, an orange grenade and a big ‘Fuck’ in jaggy world balloons.


  4. Zom Says:

    Thanks for the praise, mad chap. Coincidentally we’ve been talking round this issue today on the mindless email. I think we’re like most people who write stuff for the consumption of others: permanently dissatisfied with our own, personal, efforts.

    I know I am, anyway.

    I’m much happier with what the rest of the team writes. Ill and Amy have both done smashing work recently.

  5. mad_arab Says:

    And like most that write for the consumption of others, you’re all actually dead!

    One of the premier draws of this blog for me is the verbal chemistry your choir of voices share. You’re all very cute together.

  6. Zom Says:

    Hah, yeah. Mindless Ones was always intended to have a social network aspect. Once Barbelith imploded we decamped here and to the mindless email stream.

    We’ve known each other for years, some of us in the flesh, in other instances virtually, so we’re very… *used* to each other.

  7. mad_arab Says:


    how’s that for synchronicity?

  8. Zom Says:

    Kinda. I read that the other day. Article’s right, hauntology is everywhere these days, so it doesn’t surprise me much. Coincidence rather than synchronicity, if you ask me

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