Competition roundup

February 21st, 2010

Lots of competitions going on here at Mindless Ones Dot Com, the most profligate and undiscerning of all the comic blogs, fact,  so much generosity that some of it has started to fall off the front page. We thought it would be a good idea to do a quick recap.

Plus, good if completely arbitrary excuse to drop this picture, I mean just look at it – The Leopard from Lime Street , without doubt the spiffingest British Superhero of all time, as reimagined by the also-legendary Duncan Fegredo. Meow indeed!


Compo 1
British supervillains with ridiculous regional accents

How to Enter
Invent a British supervillan for Batman and/or Knight & Squire to get in a proper bundle with. Points for originality, fun-factor, fear-factor, obscure Brit cultural references, bad dialogue, resemblance to characters who may or may not appear in  Batman & Robin #10. Entries close on the Saturday night, GMT, after Batman & Robin #10 comes out.

The official prize is ‘some old Grant Morrison tat’. In reality, this means some old back issues of 2000AD, all featuring Big Dave strips. In the world of hipster comic wank, Big Dave is the true motherlode of Morrison rarities, a controversial, hilarious and lurid strip that is almost guaranteed never to be collected in any form. Keep your Flex Mentallos, this is the Earth-Z version, the one you really want. It’s co-written by MarkyMark Millar, back when he was good, effortlessly evocative and funny art by Steve Parkhouse, he’s always good, Anthony Williams drawing shellsuits, all sorts of Thrilly goodness. And because its 2000AD c.1993/94, lots of other remarkable stuff too: John Smith, who knows we exist, on a couple of episodes of the awesome Slaughter Bowl; the same gent on Revere with the gothy paints of Simon Harrison, some Shaky Kane, some Rian Hughes, and even some Maniac Fucking Five. Good times. (If you’re American anyway. If you’re local it’s just charity shop leftovers, but don’t let that stop you from entering! Love you!)

Running on this one is very high – plenty of great entries so far, the final decision will be a very tricky one to make. Don’t worry about though, we solemnly swear to pick the winner of this and all our competitions in a thoroughly half-assed and slapdash way, probably while drunk.

Compo 2
Paul Collicutt – Robot City Adventures

How to Enter
Click the link above. Listen to the podcast. Keep an ear out for the bit where Mindless Ones back room boy don’t-call- him-Snapper-Carr the one and only Brown Lantern’s mobile goes off, and tell us what Gary Lactus thinks it sounds like. Email your answer to [email protected]. We’ll pick your name out of the bin, and bosh! You’re a winnah! Entries in by 1st March

This is the best prize, by some margin. Two, free, too-cool-for-school comics by the wonderful Mr Paul Collicutt, PLUS a limited edition print. Look:


Word to the wise: don’t tell anyone, but we’ve only had a handful of entries to this one so far. If you do enter this you’ve got a pretty good chance of winning, and, really, it’s a fucking good prize:



Compo 3
Iron Man: Virus


How to Enter
You know Pepper Potts, one of those background Iron Man characters who basically does nothing except bring Tony valium when he’s got the DTs,  clean sick off his Armani suits, make sure the fridge is never short of Martini, olives and Colt 45? Well, now she’s got her own Iron Man suit, which is like a normal Iron Man suit without any of the good bits. Her superhero name is The Enabler – sorry that’s not right, it’s ‘Rescue’, very probably the worst superhero name in the genre’s seventy-whatever year history. Come up with a better one. Stick your entry in the comments on the post, or email it us, by the 10th of March, and our favourite three will win.

Iron Man: Virus. It’s not all that easy to explain really. It’s got superheroes in it, Iron Man for one, and you read it, but it’s not a comic. Imagine it is a comic, only all the pictures have been taken out, and all the speech bubbles have had the words sucked out of them in neat lines on lots of pieces  of blank paper. If you read the words in the right way, they tell a story which you can follow and enjoy. People call them books, and this type of book is called a novel. About Iron Man, which as you probably imagine means that this novel is going to be pretty bloody good.

Running on this one very high. It looked as if two early entries had it sewn up quite quickly, but there have been many more good ones since then, and the field is wide open with everything to play for. Go to it.

Good Luck to everyone with the smarts and the stones to enter any or all of our competitions, and a very Merry Christmas to all our readers.

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