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September 29th, 2008

The first mission of the Silent 73 (there’s about 14 of us now, I think, including half of all the people I know in the world. This could take a while.)

Will be to locate certain priceless documents pertaining to our quest. These are:

  • The ‘missing’ scenes of Batman #428 (Earth-A version) – the scenes that they had on standby in case the Yes vote took it. When our final quest is completed, these pages will be the real deal, of course. These pages must ne made manifest in simulation before they can be brought into the real. (got scans?)
  • The editorial/letters page of Batman # 427, where they explained the whole mad deal to the fans. I need to see them so I can feel the awkwardness and embarrasment in Denny’s ‘voice’ as he explains this weird little gimmick to his always-explosive and over-invested readership. Handle with care.

Help us, Silent 73. Find the treasure.

Echoes of the Aftermath.

Last week I sent your mate Gary Lactus out to market. I gave him one cow and some advice: don’t come back until you have some juicy scans for the Silent 73’s mission. He didn’t come back with any magic beans, but he did destroy capitalism with a bit of well-timed ducking & diving down Threadneedle Street, and bring back these fine old Batman letters pages into the bargain. These are essential historical documents, and relics of a weirder phase of fandom. Consider them briefing materials for the mission ahead. This is the world we will be entering.

Here’s part one of Batman #428’s (the one where we find out he’s died) letter’s page. The traditionial time-lag is still in effect – these letters are written by people already in the past, blissfully unaware of the drama ahead of them. They are dealing with the ‘did-he didn’t he kill the ambassador’s son’ issue.

Click to get a readable version. I love M.A McConnell for worrying about the festive cheer in the Batcave. While we’re in the past, we should make a note to send a card to Alfred, ‘kay?

#428 part two:

Jerry Smith can’t wait for Robin to toss The Joker off. Sorry. Denny’s obviously so gutted about the whole thing he dodges the issue entirely, deservedly bigging up our man Jim Aparo buy leaving the eulogy to Dan Raspler to be the voice of regret. Maybe you should have picked up the phone a measly 73 more times then? Don’t worry – we’ve got a plan, Dan. (And remember, if you see anyone jumping up and down and shouting ‘We offed the twerp, we offed the twerp’, send ’em round my way, yeah?)

Letters page to Batman #429 (part one). the reactions break.

I have to disagree with the final letter there. The ‘Let’s Get Inside By dressing Up As Them’ cliche is always a good idea in the superbooks I want to read.

Letter’s page Batman #429 (part two)

Hear the tears in Denny’s voice. He knew Jason deserved better. He also seems to suspect that somehow, somewhere, Jason was real – and he was right. It’s got to be – Denny O’Neil is one of us. How weird will he think I am if I email him and demand he join the team?

More Cape Killer news soon. Remember to tell your friends and loved ones to join the crusade, and keep an eye out for fans who picked up that phateful phone. And try and get me some scans of the pages mentioned at the top.

Silent 73 forever! Jason Never Died!

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