In this sexy second section, Tymbus talks more about his big San Diego adventure and actually gets round to talking about the Comicon! Fear not though, fiendish fans of irrelevant invective, for Tymbus manages to produce plenty of pernickety parochial prattle about the food and the cost of the hotel!!!!!! (NSFW, by the way)

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And to give you some context, (as well as some eye candy) please enjoy this picture of (L-R) Amy Poodle, Bobsy and The Beast Must Die on my spaceship in space where the magic happens!

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3 Responses to “Mindless Ones pulse pounding podcast part 2”

  1. Thrilltone Says:

    Not to focus on completely the wrong thing discussed in the podcast or anything, but yessssss, I agree wholeheartedly, Gambit is baws (though I did like Peter Milligan’s version of him as a basically well-meaning man who, sadly, also happens to be thick as shit).

    Entertaining podcast, though. I especially enjoyed the exasperated shouting about food (I understand your pain).

    And the whole thing about the X-Men writer taking the question in such an odd way about Marvel’s portrayal of multiculturalism compared to DC’s? I don’t really understand that part. Was it some odd petty “no way, man, DC is never better than Marvel nuh uh” rivalry response or something, or offense that someone should suggest that they are not as awesomely forward-thinking as they would like to think, or what?

    Comic creators, eh? The mind boggles. Sort of.

  2. Zom Says:

    There is no wrong thing to focus on, so no worries there!

  3. adam aaron Says:

    Never turn down a muffin, man.

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