In this sexy second section, Tymbus talks more about his big San Diego adventure and actually gets round to talking about the Comicon! Fear not though, fiendish fans of irrelevant invective, for Tymbus manages to produce plenty of pernickety parochial prattle about the food and the cost of the hotel!!!!!! (NSFW, by the way)

Download here[audio:]

And to give you some context, (as well as some eye candy) please enjoy this picture of (L-R) Amy Poodle, Bobsy and The Beast Must Die on my spaceship in space where the magic happens!

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Mindless Ones cast their pods!

September 7th, 2008

Hi, Gary Lactus here! A few weeks ago a number of Mindless Ones arrived on my star ship via transmat beam. I’d prepared the environment for them with crisps and Excelsior lager. The reason for this titanic meeting was to record our shouting, arrogant voices on my tricorder with a view to putting it up on this site for any interested parties to download and listen to.

I should point out that the results were entirely NSFW and none too professional; one microphone in a room with rustling crisp packets and beer cans opening. Who’d have thought that the alcohol enhanced powers of myself, Zom, Tymbus, Amy Poodle, The Beast Must Die and Bobsy would be so painful to listen to? Anyway, I’ve been polishing this turd all week and hung some attractive jingles from it so maybe you’ll give it a go.

In this first episode (one of four lifted from the session), Tymbus takes control with his recollections of this year’s San Diego Comicon where he represented us on the blogging panel. Here he talks about Catholic Wolverine fans, True Blood and cosplay amongst other things whilst the rest of us interject with various divergences.

Enjoy, if that’s the word.

Download mp3[audio:]

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