April 13th, 2022


Another week, another blurb. People often ask, “Hey! How do you keep your blurbs so fresh and new, week in, week out? It’s amazing! You’re amazing! How can I be like you?”. Well, we here at SILENCE! Blurb Inc. are tired of this question. So tired in fact that we’re now offering our SILENCE! Blurb Writing Masterclass. Learn from the best to realise your potential in the lucrative field of Blubcraft. Packed with high profile contributions from Todd Carty on how to find inspiration, Danny Dyer on the impact of brevity and Neil Gaiman on the power of blurbs. Send your £500 to the usual address.

The tired dads return and Gary’s been selling off parts of his collection! Both Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die have been guesting on Shelf Dust Presents The War EffortThe Beast has been enjoying Paul Morley’s biography of Tony Wilson and the surprisingly heavy inclusion of Kieron Gillen therein.  There’s a non-review of The Eternals and chitter-chatter regarding the SILENCE! Juniors’ emergent relationship with super heroes and Gary’s quest for space.

Sadmin.  The tragic loss of Steve Walsh and Garry Leach.

The chaps pick themselves up with the exciting birth of Dark and Golden and the peculiar pleasure of comics speculation.

Off, down and away into The Reviewniverse with Mek Memoirs, Kamen Rider, The X-Cellent, Orphan and the Five Beasts, Step By Bloody Step, a comic called Uncanny X-Men and The Sharkfighters of course.

Then with a yawn we learn that Fraser Geesin will be at the Brighton Illustration Fair on Sunday 1st May, The Beast went to the London Comic Mart and that finding your own comics for sale secondhand really makes you feel like you’ve made it.



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