Batman the annotated adventures the second (tho’ as Botswana Beast has pointed out in our email exchanges, this is more commentary than anything else). In case you’re interested, part the first (for 680) can be found here.

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Podcast: how Batman are you?

September 9th, 2008

In today’s cranium crippling cast we hear the beer taking hold as we each proclaim exactly how Batman we are right now. At the time of recording, Batman #679 had just come out and the movie was still pretty fresh in our minds.

Look! There’s Bobsy reading Batman #679 on the balcony of my spaceship in space where I fly around wearing my excellent space hemet!

Download!!!!!! (NSFW)[audio:]

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Comics bought and read Saturday the 31st of May

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Cover versions

June 2nd, 2008

So, after a very quick web trawl I came across some of the images that’ve inspired Mr Grunt Morigund’s bat-novel.

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Lingers on comics bought and read Thursday the 15th of May

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