February 21st, 2017

Then give me the electric chair

ITEM TFW you beam down from thespaceship (in space) feeling real, real good! If you knew the things I knew, dear participant…

ITEM Iiiiiiiit’s a bobsy week on Silence #214 but don’t worry it’s still quite good, he wrote, a little drunk and quite pass-agg.

ITEM The lads Gary and Batlow piss about for a bit before they enter the reviewniverse (where conditions are ferocious), and in the process cover the all-important Sponsorshibboleths, the Lego Batman movie, #dredducation and a perhaps too in-depth look at the bob’s feels about the recorded long player music album called BATMAN by the prince of a place called Prince.

ITEM And that goes on for a little bit too long if we’re honest, or maybe he’s edited it, (I don’t know. I’m on a train, as the boy Cobain might have said, also mentioned in this epppppisode)

ITEM But then yeah eventually we get to the reviewniverse where everybody’s talkin’ about (in no good order) Wildstorm, Cave Carson, CIABatman, Nazi Captain America, Ultimates 2, Doctor Strange, Batwoman Rebirth, Green Lanterns, Old Man Logan, Dad’s Weekend (good), and Punisherment (RIP Steve D).

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14 Responses to “SILENCE! #214”

  1. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Gary, you are correct, that review writer that wrote a review of your stand-up is not good at writing reviews and his review of you should be ignored.

    This was a dead good podcast, though! Dead good.

    Got a feeling of existential dread at the thought of disagreement, when Bobsy said he really liked The Wild Storm. I thought it was baaaaalls. I do agree with most of what you both said about it, but the general greyness, the groan-worthy Ellisisms, and that shitey no-fun stall-setting on the first page really put me off.

    “Hey look, it’s Zealot, she is wiping blood from her face, blood that looks like her old funtime 90s facepaint! This ain’t yer daddy’s Wildstorm, fools! No fun to be found here, don’t worry! What if Warblade wore cargo pants and worked for the NSA? Can you imagine?”

    It was competent enough, but urrrrgh. Wildstorm without the garish stupidity has very little merit. Brubaker and Phillips pulled it off, but I’ve already got that.

    Probably doesn’t help that I reread all that stuff very recently, so this comic just feels like a retread. Now, you call this slop coffee? Uncle Thrills don’t toil for you toerags at the bleeding-edge science cameraphone shop only to be treated like this!


    Hey I loved the bit in this episode about the Scioli backups, and also the Prince section. I would happily listen to a Gary/Bobsy PrinceCast

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    I am almost entirely unfamiliar with the old Wildstorm stuff so didn’t get any of the references. Maybe that helped.

  3. Nick Bryan Says:

    As someone who came of age at around the right time for Warren Ellis’s Stormwatch/Authority to be among his first Superhero Comics That Aren’t For Kids, I’m a bit concerned it’ll feel like a disappointing and strange retread over my late teens.

    Then again, after a good review from SILENCE and a massive praise from Kieron Gillen on Twitter, I should probably read it. Ellis’s recent Image stuff has been a nice return to form and it sounds like he’s basically hammering the Wildstorm characters into that style.

    Bobsy’s CIA Batman commentary is excellent, eye-opening stuff. Good of DC to put the comic out every two weeks so there’s always a new one.

  4. John Bishop Says:

    Excellent SILENCE!

    I gave the Prince Batman album a good listening back in the day. I think I had some kind of picture disc maybe? Can’t remember, but I know I gave the Elfman soundtrack cassette some serious time.

    Seagal. What a guy. I implore anyone to go to Youtube and listen to “Steven Seagal feat. Lady Saw – Strut” It’s a piece of music the likes of which I have never encountered. Hearing Segal talk about ‘punani’ is inspiring.

    Love the guest appearance by Batman (and Simon Lantern), and enjoyed the review of Donaldson at the end. Although I think perhaps you shouldn’t have held back so much.

    I think I had something more relevant to add, but I can’t remember and I’m supposed to be working.

  5. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Forgot to mention: are people aware of the Jim Steinman Batman musical that was in production? It would have been a ludicrous good time, I feel.

  6. Barbenus Says:

    Excellent episode guys.

    Loving the Dreaducation. Always enjoy hearing about Junior Bobzone’s views on comics. I have 10 week old daughter that I plan to get into comics, so I find hearing how Bobsy and Bobsy Jr read Dread, Champions, Hawkeye etc really interesting.

    And having no idea that a Prince Batman album existed that particular segment was a treat.

  7. Tam Says:

    Love to hear a Necropolis bedtime story podcast. I don’t think you need to worry about upsetting Junior Bobzone with Chopper: Song of the Surfer, if she hasn’t already been completely traumatised by the Apocalypse War she should be completely inured to anything Tharg can dish out by now.
    Interesting to hear her love hate reaction to Dredd. Apparently when writing Dredd, Wager and Grant always made sure he did at least one ‘good thing’ and ‘bad thing’ in each story

    The case files get mostly rubbish for quite a while after Necropolis as lots of stand-in writers fail to do things properly. There’s Mechanismo in vol 18 which a lot of people like and Wilderlands in 21 (Dredd in space) but things don’t really start to pick up again until volume 23. The good news is that there’s loads of really great stories like The Pit which start appearing at that point

  8. bobsy Says:

    Barbenus, if you’re in the UK (or even if you’re not I guess) then The Phoenix is a pretty perfect kids comic, suitable from age much-sooner-than-you-think.

    Tam we recorded one bedtime reading sesh and it was good fun… but then when she realised that other humans would hear it one day, the veto flew in pretty quickly. She is thinking about doing her own podcast about Bleach though.

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Shame. You have no idea how to exploit children.

  10. Zakaria Says:

    There’s something I’d like to point out with THE WILSTORM. It is usually said that Ellis and Hitch created the Widescreen Superhero aesthetic, but this time around could it be that the absense of any CINEMATIC splashpages is a hint that Ellis is going televisual for this age? He does mention Game Of Thrones A LOT in interviews about the series/universe.

    In any case the only Wildstorm I ever enjoyed was Ellis’ Stormwatch/Authority/Planetary and Brubaker’s Sleeper, so I’m all aboard with Corporate, alien, black-ops, noir, conspiracy, superheroics over POUCHES! FACEPAINT!

    I wonder if TAO will make a return?

    HOLY SHIT Jenny Quantum is going to turn 18 by years end!

  11. Zakaria Says:

    Sidenote; I’m enjoying Prince right now, I hate Prince! Prince is for pensioners. While a Dredducational Bobsy-Pod would be cozy-goodtimes, a pod-series on Music and The Batman could be even greater fun. Smashing Pumpkins eh?

  12. Anton B Says:

    You were about to make an observation about Jerusalem when Bobsy sneezed you down a sidetrack involving cats. Now, much as I love cats I was intrigued to hear your thoughts on Old Moore’s almanac of Northampton. Is he reading the audio book himself? That must be scary. I’m still slogging through it. I’ve got to the bit about the gang of ghost children who live in the ceiling and eat fairies… I dunno about Dredducation but it’s making perfect bedtime reading for me. Bobbsy reading aloud without pictures gets my vote btw. I’ll chuck a quid your way to hear that.

  13. Anton B Says:

    Oh Blimey and the Prince Batman album is excellent. I had it on cassette for some reason. Preferred it to the film

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    Oh yeah! Can’t remember now. My general first impressions of Jerusalem are that it’s a real sensorial bombardment. Quite visceral. Does a good job of describing the indescribable. The narrator is not Alan Moore but a chap called Simon Vance, the real hero of the audio book!

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