February 14th, 2017


ITEM SILENCE! #213 is on your doorstep with a dozen roses. But how does it know where you live?!

ITEM When comics podcasts are outlawed, only outlaws will have comics podcasts. Your outlaws this week are Gary Lactus, Lord Nuneaton Savage and Maid Of Nails

ITEM Maid of Nails stops by with a Very Special Report on 2000AD’s 40th birthday celebrations and what renowned comics creators get up to when they’re drunk.

ITEM In the Reviewniverse we find Squirrel Girl, All-Star Batman, Resident Alien, Nemesis shoots Slaine in the face, Motor Crush, Blubber, Judge Dredd, Picnoleptic Inertia, lady War Stories, and Cerebus…in HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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14 Responses to “SILENCE! #213”

  1. Bob Doublebob Says:

    This was very much my shit. I was going to ask if you were going to have Maid of Nails back soon as she is magnitudes more likely to talk about stuff I have read/ care about (basically 2000AD and Garth Ennis).

    Really bummed out about not being able to make that convention due to cat health tragicness. From seeing and meeting 2000AD legends at Glasgow comic cons I’ve found them to be really entertaining grumpy old men (unlike the tv show of the same name). I commissioned some art from Carlos Ezquerra and he seemed really lovely just through a brief interaction on facebook. When I neglected to tell him the day I received one he messaged me the day after asking if I’d got it. I know what you mean about Wagner being strangely intimidating. He seems like a top bloke but he’s just so incredibly deadpan it’s hard to tell even if he’s being friendly.

    Also to Lord Nuneaton Savage wishing there had been things like Fatties in Dredd (3D!), when Dredd follows the perp into the food court at beginning there is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of a dead Fattie with his belly wheel nearby.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    I could listen to Hott 2000AD Goss all day. A good podcast, this one. Brightened the day up nice.

    Pissuary song is stuck in my head, and probably will become so every time I go for a piss.

    When the Beast returns, will it be like Knightfall, and he’ll have to topple the substitute co-hosts from their perches? Or will he return with a mullet and machine gun and team up with them, like Return of Superman?

    I Hope So.

  3. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Oh aye and Bisley is weirdass dude. The time he was at a Glasgow con he and Mike Ploog were getting so drunk in the middle of the afternoon I asked for a sketch of Slaine and got Lobo instead. Could have been worse, apparently someone ended up with a Batman with no nose* (which may have been from the point he passed out).

    *how does he smell? He always carries a special device in his utility belt.

  4. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Tried to imagine a situation where a stranger touching your neck wouldn’t be creepy, and I can’t think of one. I bet his fingers are as big as trees, as well.

  5. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Incidentally, Seinfeld I just watched featured the ‘happy birthday’ song, but I assume they could easily afford it

  6. Barbenus Says:

    I think pissing sat down is just down right courteous to the ladies of your household. I a golden sitter I wholeheartedly support this campaign.

  7. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Pissing sitting down is where it’s at. Why stand when you can sit? Cleaner, comfier.

  8. Barbenus Says:

    Also, I’ve just been reminded that there was a scene from the show Sports Night in which one of the co-hosts got billed for singing happy birthday. Happy memories.

  9. bobsy Says:

    LOOOOL at Dave Sim having wanked his drawing hand off

  10. Illogical Volume Says:

    “LISA IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!” – mind that episode of The Simpsons where notMichaelJackson sang notHappyBirthday to definitelyLisa?

    Weird to remember that there was a time where that show was where I encountered new ideas, from the reason TV shows and movies didn’t use the “proper” birthday song to the whole plots and concepts of movies that would later appear to have been willed into being by their parodies – Cape Fear, I’m looking at you here.

    These days The Simpsons exists only in competition with Come Dine With Me in the great unchecked E4 listings of my heart.

    Anyway! This was another good episode, the Savage Nails team were good value for money and the bit where the three of you riff on Lord Nuneaton Savage’s 2000AD game idea is a proper treat. Trust Maid of Nails to demand rigour and Gary Lactus to cry for dinner, eh?

    The stuff about the knock on gendering involved in war stories becomong foudnational national myths was fascinating, really looking forward to that Garth Ennis book, I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

    Blubber – is great/horrible, sometimes hard to pick up, often hard to put down. The whole thing verges on Prison Pit style crude formalism but there’s a sense of genuine perverse commitment there that gives this otherwise throwaway comic a real charge… not quite Birdland , but then what is?

  11. Zakaria Says:

    Maid Of Nails has to get Sequart onboard with doing a Garth Ennis addition to their great but pretentiously titled series of documentaries.


    HIGH-QUAL poddo, but when TBMD returns can we still keep The Maid and Lord around?

  12. John Bishop Says:

    Great stuff, gang!

    I was saddened I was so indecisive about the 2000ad thing, that I left it too late and it sold out. Ah well!

    Alan Grant, what a gent! I remember an occasion I was visiting the Bristol Comic convention, and when I got to the coach station I realised I had lost my bank card the night before. Begrudgingly, as I had a coach ticket and a con ticket already, I decided to go anyway, even though I only had about a tenner on me. I had to buy some food and after a couple of minor purchases I was cleaned out. When I strolled past Alan Grant’s table, he (and I think his wife) were peddling their wares, and when I told him I was broke, he actually gave me a bunch of freebies and signed the lot! What a star!

    Blubber sounds like something I need to check out as well.

    Zarjaz work, SILENCERS!

  13. Tam Says:

    The Night Witches is pretty good but it ended up being part of a trilogy and the characters returned in Motherland and The Fall and Rise of Anna Kharkova. Ennis seems to write women much better and more believably in his war comics than most of his other genre stuff. It’s a shame Dynamite haven’t collected them together because they have a cumulative power and the last is one of the most powerful and touching things I’ve read and probably worth a read even if you’re not normally into war comics. They’re all drawn by Braun who’s a bit cartoony yet does a fantastic job of convincing you the characters he’s drawing really exist.

  14. Bob Doublebob Says:

    I always sit to piss. Although I also stand to shit so it hasn’t made me any more popular.

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