Welcome to Diane… #28

Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they prepare for the end of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks episode 26. Only a few chapters of our story remain, and it’s time to get set up for the final drama.

Our guy Dick Tremayne gives us a course in oleaginous oenology, Windy Mearle goes arts & crafts, and Bobby is caught callow by word of Mike and Nadine’s super-duper sex life (unload the filth of your minds in the comments below).

Discover the meaning of faded donuts, beauty’s pageantry, and the naughtiness of Mr. Lynch – all and only in Diane 28.


 Plant no tree sooner than the vine.

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9 Responses to “Diane… #28: Twin Peaks Episode 26 – Variations on Relations”

  1. John Says:

    Your intros are always lovely but this one’s been particularly savory…any coincidence that it’s in front of a noticeably better episode than we’ve had? Twin Peaks has noticeably rebounded by now and while it still has some blatant silliness it’s ALL welcome.

    The talk about lodges from Earle is pretty great. I used to have his speech printed out so I could “break the code, solve the crime.” I get it, Rosie.

    I think I may have said it in this very forum before, but Sid the law clerk has more of that “it” factor than Lana. There’s nothing wrong with Lana except the dissidence that the men of twin peaks exhibit and what we viewers experience. Otherwise Lana’s a perfectly enjoyable character, but she feels fundamentally flawed as a result.

    The segment about the “melancholy donuts” was fantastic. Would’ve never thought twice about this but I’ll see it forever now.

    I think it was the Bickering Peaks team who put a blatant point on why Dick Trenayne is seen as a problem: he’s the first character introduced that has literally no connection to Laura Palmer. With entertainment value as high as his, that doesn’t matter to me one bit, just putting it out there.

    Don’t know what to suggest makes Laura Palmer’s boyfriend say “whoah” but you know it’s got to be creative. Might it involve silent drape runners?

    That fireside scene between Cooper and Wheeler always satisfies. A little early to be feeling this way if it was real life but out of context this scene is so great.

    Diane team, you’re a front three-quarters view of a thousand+ fans sharing a tender moment (or an insatiable need for peas, take your pick). And don’t worry, I always catch that hint of banana.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Hey John! I do tend to find that the more lively episodes are much easier to write intros for, pleased to hear you’re still enjoying listening to them it’s one of my favourite bits of prep.

    YES the lodge speech is inspiring and brilliant and it makes me want to study it, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was thinking.

    It had not occurred to me that Tremayne has zero Laura connection. Absolutely no connection to the story or the case, and actually his only connections are to characters who are themselves pretty far removed from her. That’s a top spot from a strong crew over at bickering peaks! We still love him forever of course. I do hope season 3 has a Dick Tremayne.

    Aaaand now I’m imagining The Silent Drape Runner as the name of one of those insane sex moves you get in Cosmo. Always such a pleasure to check in with your thoughts Jon, thanks for staying the course with us this far. Recording the penultimate episode on Wednesday, can you believe it?!

  3. John Says:

    Rosie, it’s not that the intro qualities dipped, they merely became a rye smile about things that are hard to get genuinely giddy about, but now there’s majorly great things afoot that trigger my nostalgia and that’s what your intros awaken.

    Yeah, it’s so strange about Dick not being part of the main stuff…he’s indispensable but the first time he touches the main story is when his cigarette starts the water that puts out Bob from Leland. Which is the 17th episode in. He’s not in the released cast list but I really want him to be Andy and Lucy’s kid’s REAL father.

    If you get to the silent drape runner before I do, let me know if it turns things upside down, I’m certainly curious.
    And I both can and can’t believe you’re already near the beginning of the finale…this is how I met Earle and Annie for the first time, have fun with this part of your podcast…and I hope you allow for a two hour season finale show. That one will be worth a minimal approach to trimming the conversation :)
    I also can’t wait to hear your team taking FWWM through your format. And, I assume, then the diary, autobiography, access guide and a more official take on secret history (don’t worry I’ve got your schedule all figured out)

  4. Zakaria Says:

    After disappearing for some months I’ve recently binged 10+ episodes of Diane.
    You’d think a binge like that would put me off, but here I am giddy for the next show.

    Once you’re done with the show, the film and the (3?)books I’m sure the new episodes will be starting to air, but if not, then I’d love to hear an episode about the shows TP influenced (X-Files, True Detective, Hannibal.. the awful Wayward Pines).

    Also props for bringing up the May Queen connection, I’ve always thought there was a lot to that connection.

  5. Adam Says:

    Hang in there for announcements about the future of Diane, John and Zakaria. Not too far away now.

  6. Rosie Says:

    John, I’m pleased someone’s got the schedule sorted! Fingers crossed we’ll get through all the important bits before the new show drops. Looking forward to recording LE GRAND FINALE next week.

    ZAKARIA, there you are! I remember you made a very good and perceptive comment about Mark perhaps having a generally expulsive orientation and we’ve not seen you since. That was a long time ago, do hope you’ve enjoyed the show since catching up, it’s been fun to make! The May Queen goes deep with TP I’ve always thought. She comes up again in the episode we recorded last week (28) and I hope to be able to return to her again.

  7. Patchworkearth Says:

    Coming back late, because I’ve only just caught up…

    The thing about Dick not being connected to Laura is true, except… if the folks helming S2 had given it much thought, there’s absolutely no reason why he COULDN’T have had a connection. He worked at Horne’s Department Store, and so did Laura. I always wish we had a scene at the store itself, where Dick looks down his nose and sniveling Emory Battis (before he dies).

    There’s no reason that Dick, despite not being CLOSE to Laura, couldn’t have passed by and overheard some trivial clue. If the reveal hadn’t been rushed to the forefront (that age-old complaint) he very well could have contributed to the mystery.

  8. Patchworkearth Says:

    *AT sniveling Emory, pardon

  9. Adam Says:

    They might have thought about it and decided they wanted to breathe some air into the diegesis, I suppose.

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