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Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they pick at episode 24 of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, also known as Wounds and Scars.

Dashing Dale Cooper’s game of give and take with Wyndham URL becomes antipositional as the tokens move from hand to hand: Thomas Eckhardt leaves a final piece of his being at the mill. Donna accepts a trinket from a dead doctor. And Dick Tremayne serves up a smorgasbord of quite exquisite fashions.

‘Tis the season to be giving, so let’s talk about The Gift!


What is striking, curious, is that this knot, like that, that I described as Borromean, you should now know why, is a support for thinking…That allows thinking to be written differently.

Ye merry gentlemen and gentlewomen! We here at team Diane would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and bestow upon you the finest boons of love (gold), peace (myrrh) and understanding (Frankenstein). If you feel you would like to get us something in return – no obligation obvs – then all we want for Christmas is a five star iTunes review! Cheers!

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Next episode: We hope yule join us in 2017 to find out what the heck is going on with he and Mrs Jones.

5 Responses to “Diane… #26: Twin Peaks Episode 24 – Wounds and Scars”

  1. John Says:

    The agent cooper summary at the beginning of this episode had to do with the show coming back from hiatus, and the music cue used is the first appearance of Dark Mood Woods, notable for scoring the woods in the lynch-directed finale.

    Things to assume from Josie’s weight loss: a) Laura won against bob and therefore couldn’t have been devoured like that. B) Josie is 50% garmonbozia. C) Bob weighs 65 lbs.

    I don’t believe Annie’s a virgin (the slit wrists strike me like she was in something extremely serious at least once. And I don’t think she was 19 either, based on Norma’s age and the fact they’re supposed to be sisters, and the fact that she’s been in a convent for a while too, which to me puts her into her mid-20s. I also know they never said her age. It’s Sherylin Fenn who said Heather Graham was 19. I think she was just playing older in this role.

    LOVE the pine weasel revolt and POV, and Audrey falling into JJW’s arms is pretty satisfying.

    Other than this I find it interesting there isn’t too much to be said about this episode. Glad you found plenty as always. Take care til next time

  2. Adam Says:

    It’s not so much that she’s definitively a virgin, but that, at least to begin with, she feels virginal. Her wrist scars complicate that reading of course, but don’t have to sit at odds with it imo.

  3. Rosie Says:

    Hi gosh so late getting back to this I’ve been meaning to! I definitely enjoy the Annie Is A Virgin reading for all sorts of symbolic reasons and I’m going to get in on virgins for the show because they are, as Angela Carter notes, “fabulous beasts.”

    But yes, I totally take your point John and I believe that there’s actually some indication of a previous boyfriend at some point later in the show perhaps? I’m very strict about not watching ahead so not sure for now.

    The seeming age gap between Norma and Annie is always quite striking to me! Like Annie is playing at most mid-20′s, Norma seems to be easily mid 40′s? But then we must all bear in mind that I am significantly younger than my older brothers so such things are possible I suppose ;)

    Glad as always to have you with us John, hope you had a brilliant festive break.

  4. John Says:

    I totally got that Annie is the Symbolic version of a virgin for your purposes, and I wasn’t even disagreeing with your choice, just sharing another angle :)
    But that age spread between Norma and Annie convinces me they didn’t really think things through so much when creating Annie as a character, which is shame overall. They could’ve made Annie a character all on her own without the family connections and it would’ve worked better. She’d've been a right mystery.
    And, who’s late to replying to this thread now? This guy. You’ve had a whole other episode since this. And yes, our break WAS rightly festive and I hope the same for your whole team

  5. isnsbtk Says:


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