The Secret History of Twin Peaks

Welcome to this special mini episode of Diane…!

This week Rosie and Bob give their initial reactions to Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks novel, The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Listener, they liked it!

The whole Diane team will be covering The Secret History in MUCH more depth at some point in early 2017. This is just a first impressions kind of thing.

…And please be warned: in a change to our usual policy there be SPOILERS all over the flipping shop here, so proceed with caution unless you and Twin Peaks are very old and familiar friends.


The first case assigned to Major Milford for Grudge was mind altering. It came to him from an oblique angle, and his work on it took place over a three-year period , at the end of which the polar axis of UFO investigation would shift yet again…


No desperate begging for reviews and things this week you’ll be pleased to hear. It’s only a minisode after all. Have some admin though:

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Next episode: Err, excuse me mate, can I have the check please? I really mean it this time…

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