September 12th, 2013


Hello, Gary Lactus here.  Just back from The Beast Must Die’s stag do in Belgium.  It was good.  We dressed The Beast up as an egg and went Devalkarting.  I still ache.  Anyway, The Beast Must Die was last seen disappearing into some haunted woods on a drunken werewolf hunt with Narratorbot X-15735.  Hopefully he’ll turn up again before the wedding.

So it’s one of those disappointingly solo efforts this week, squeezed out between jobs, recorded on the hoof through the streets at night. Also on a bus and in my bedroom on my spaceship in space just before my bath. Sounds thrilling right? A BUS! JUST IMAGINE! Well there’s no need to imagine because it’s here and it’s real! I talk about X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Forever Evil, Deadshot, Satellite Sam, Trillium, Avengers AI, FF, Bat Slaps and more!

click to download SILENCE!#75

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

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  1. Julian Says:

    Nice guerrilla podcasting. How’s this for synchronicity: I listened to this on loud speaker while walking through the suburbs of Sydney.

    I’m glad you’re giving A.I. some love, nobody else seems to care. I’m getting some serious Otomo vibes off the art. The whole thing handles the concept of singularity way better than I expected and has this sweet fluro futurist vibe to it that I’m loving. This is also the first book where I feel that the graphic design work in the credits and letters page really give the comic that extra bit of pop.

    I’d say go check out the previous issues. Number two has an Eva class sentinel and a nod to the mighty Moebius. They’re definitely drawing from some great sources!

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    I probably should have mentioned the Moebius influence in Avengers AI (AAI!). Seems to me like it’s been getting all over the place over the last few years. Like he spored when he died.

  3. Matthew Craig Says:

    I’d buy an Avengers comic drawn by Lando Decadence.

    I think you and The Groom Must Die should do a whole episode in this fashion – or maybe marrying (swidt) this Radio 4-style ambient journatage with Jeff Lemire’s Trillium’s format-knacking approach. Like, the fist half would be one of you walking towards, e.g.: Dave’s Comics from the pier, the back half would be the other of you walking towards Dave’s Comics from the train station(upside-down), and you would meet in the middle for Hot Podde Conflabs.

    The X-Men as a literalisation of the inherent intergenerational conflict of superhero comics is a neat idea. Still a bit sollipsistic and timewormwanky, but yeah. You’d think they’d at least try to see further and deeper than the rest of us, wouldn’t ye.

    My favourite comic of last week was Viz: The Billposter’s Bucket, which made I laff. I’m hoping to read Final Crisis tonight for the first time, though, so perhaps The Red Bee can out-tickle The Drunken Bakers.


  4. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    The artist in Avenger A.I. is André Lima Araújo, a compatriot of mine. Portuguese artists are slowly making the littlest of marks in american comics, Filipe Andrade drew Captain Marvel for awhile and the Alpha mini series was drawn by Nuno Plati. Back in 2008, Nuno Plati along with João Lemos and Ricardo Tércio (all recruited by C.B. Cebulsky) were part of the creative team of “Avengers Fairy Tales”.
    Also, Dark Horse’s two books starring Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy are written by Filipe Melo.

  5. Eyemelt Says:

    Well I ignored AI but I might have to give it a look. I’m quite enjoying the Battle of the Atom stuff, mainly because it’s properly messing about with convention and just making the nerd side of me question it. “But… but… this isn’t possible!” And the art has been decent too.

    Nice podcasting as well, I felt a little bit naughty listening to it on and off between some meetings at work. Shhh!

  6. Tim B. Says:

    I find the way to make people think you’re not wierd when out recording for a podcast is to say loudly that you’re not weird to passers by.

    Btw is Al Ewing’s Mighty Avengers any good?

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    André Lima Araújo
    André Lima Araújo
    André Lima Araújo
    André Lima Araújo
    André Lima Araújo
    André Lima Araújo
    André Lima Araújo

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    It’s good to try to remember names

  9. Thrills Says:

    I also wonder about Mighty Avengers. On the one hand: Al Ewing writing a great cast. On the other: Greg Land.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    I read it. It was good despite the hand of the Gland.

  11. Mart Says:

    Thanks so much for a very intimate podcast, Gary – it brought a lovely positive meaning to ‘phoning it in’.

    I quite like the Avengers AI story but the inconsistency of the art puts me off, especially as regards Fat Vision and Hank’s features – so manga styling is the reason for pages such as 10, with Hank’s spectacularly awful face, complete with dirty nose? Some pages are rather nice, but overall the illoes aren’t working for me. And the scratchy sound effects, where’s the impact?

    I did like Mighty Avengers an awful lot, overall.

  12. Thrills Says:

    Hmmm, might ‘gamble a stamp’ on Michty Avengers, then (by that, I mean ‘buy it from a shop’), though Land’s glossy artwork produces something akin to Lovecraftian terror in me.

  13. Matthew Craig Says:

    For what it’s worth, I saw a preview page of MightAv that had a gert lush layout, all speedy and whizzo and fast-cut snap-snap-snap energy. I’m gonna try the first ish, EVEN THOUGH Lieutenant Rambeau’s new nomme de manteau bothers me with its lack of honorific. /magbloodynanimous


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