We here at the Mindless Tower may not agree on everything, but one thing we’re very sure about. Brendan McCarthy is a sexy man-God, and this is going to be the most shit-hot book of next year. Bring it the fuck on.



Unearthed by Archaeologist of Tomorrow, the Bad Librarian.

4 Responses to “The future FUCK YEAH files #1: McCarthyism”

  1. Papers Says:

    He had a pitch for a post-apocalyptic Jimmy Olsen / Bizarro comic that sounded like basically everything I’ve ever dreamt up.

  2. Sha Ra Says:

    FUCK YEAH is right!

  3. Bob Temuka Says:

    I’ll give that a FUCK YEAH.

  4. Dan K Says:

    No bad thing can come of Brendan McCarthy being given a Dr Strange comic. Brilliant character/creator pairing.

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