A weekly strip by Fraser Geesin.


The book Dream Date by Tim Leopard and Fraser Geesin is available from Running Water Press or from Amazon.

7 Responses to “The Amusing Brothers, Andrew and Steven.”

  1. Zom Says:

    Really, it’s just so horrid, on so many levels

  2. James Baker Says:


    Well, unpleasant, but you know what I mean.

    A touch of Modern Toss’ madness there.

  3. Zom Says:

    Without wishing to sound like a wanker, I love all the bizarre tensions, and the enormous gulf between expectation and the punchline

  4. Bots'wana Beast Says:

    I’m a big fan; whilst far from a psychopathologist, there’s something really distressing about this universal flat-tonality of the strip… good to see you’ve an outlet, Gary Lactus!

  5. amypoodle Says:

    He has many, many outlets. A genuine work ethic.

  6. Nelson Evergreen Says:

    Colour me chuffed! I do enjoy Andrew and Steven.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. I hope you stay tuned as The Amusing Brothers gets less and less amusing. BTW Poodle, I am a lazy bastard who spreads his limited effort far too thin to be described as having a real work ethic. I’m glad I give the opposite impression though.

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