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6 Responses to “Terminus – a weekly comic strip”

  1. Papers Says:

    Great detail on the burning car.

    Not my favourite, mostly because I’m not big on zombies, but it was good. I like how sharp and pungent each image is, I always get full sensory experiences from them…

  2. Qthgrq Says:

    The words were almost entirely superfluous this week, although they did raise a chuckle. Really, really vivid and vibrant.

  3. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    I had a lot of fun with the neck stump.

  4. amy poodle Says:

    that’s disgusting.

  5. Sadcap Says:

    Harry’s clothing colours go well with his rotten flesh. I respect that.

  6. Qthgrq Says:

    He cares about his appearance

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