So I was blithering on in the original post’s comments about the secret message embedded in that super sexy scene with Mystique, and thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with a wider audience.

The scene starts with two army grunts enjoying a pornographic centrefold. Good times. But what’s this, when they lower their magazine the erotic image in question is right there in front of them? WOW! HOT! You guessed it, it’s a bit of trickery by that saucy Mystique, who, after allowing the guys a quick ogle*, proceeds to knock the hapless chaps unconscious. We are then treated to the aforementioned suiting up sequence, which, intriguingly amounts to more of a suiting down, and reaches its, er… climax in the splash page to your left.

Secret message revealed: Mystique actually is a pornstar!

If you missed the clues, here’s the skinny. The sequence is set up to frame the final image of Mystique as pornography by mirroring our experience with that of the soldiers: they’re flicking through a porno-mag, we’re flicking through a comic, they land on a centerfold, we land on a splash page with a naked sexy chick (the splash page being the comic equivalent of a centerfold). But that’s not all, Mystique isn’t just any old uber-babe, she’s the embodiment of sexual desire, the ultimate fantasy interface, there’s nothing she can’t or won’t do, a point she proves by bringing the soldiers’ fantasy to life. Like that camping bit in X2, where she totally heats up Wolverine’s** 7th claw.

In case anyone thinks I’m being too hard on Mr Jason here, I should point out that I am aware of the scene’s other salient detail – Mystique twonking the grunts – and that the same threat is directed at us in the final panel (more mirroring).

But, seriously, not before some kind of sexy fuck-fight action, right guys?! Right?

Okay, okay, yeah, Aaron’s clearly well aware of the mechanics at work here, afterall he built the thing from bottom up. He’s probably confident that the scene’s self-referential nature works to undermine accusations of yet more super-misogyny/sexism, and maybe there’s something in that. Sadly, however, it’s my experience that people often neglect to dig into subtext, and who could blame them when there’s nudey superboobs on offer. No red-blooded comic fan, that’s for sure.

Anyway, that’s enough sexiness for the time being, but I promise to bring the booty back in a couple of weeks. Till then, hold on tight.

Especially all you young bucks who searched for “wank fodder”, “anus loves”, and “travesty anal”.

You know who you are.

*Who woudn’t?
**Who we, interestingly, stand in for in that final panel

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