I mean, I definitely think the portrayal of women in superhero comics is fine, tasteful even. Very tasteful

Starfire prone
Take Starfire, for example, here she is having a lovely lie down. She’s a bit wet, but I reckon that nice man plans on drying her off.

ravager drinks milk
Oh, and who’s this? That’s right it’s Ravager, enjoying some delicious milk. Uh oh! Look out behind you!

Supergirl stretching
Good old Supergirl, her ambition is to cure cancer. That’s nice.

Mystique naked
And Mystique. Apparently she plans on fighting Wolverine naked. I know I would.

And then there’s whatever the fuck was going on in The Boys the other week.

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16 Responses to “What’s wrong with bein’ sexy?”

  1. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    Hmmm. I really enjoyed this weeks Wolverine, but couldn’t for the life of me work out what that last panel was about. Apart from giving the baby-men some wank fodder of course. a slice of cheesecake too far…

  2. Qthgrq Says:

    Yeah, I liked it too. Aaron nailed an old skool Wolverine vibe.

    But that fucking panel. It’s just wank fodder, no other way of reading it.

  3. The Beast Must Die! Says:

    You do of course realise that now when i look at our blog at work it looks like I’m scoping out the sexxxy super-babes? Damn it!

  4. Shep Says:

    I look forward to revisiting the “sexy sexy ladies” tag in the future.

  5. Tucker Stone Says:

    Nothing sexy about redwings.

  6. Qthgrq Says:

    I’m hoping to compile the sexiest collection of ladies the internets have ever seen. A treasure trove of beauty.

  7. Der Falke Says:

    Oh, wowowowowowowowowow – has anyone seen Raven Gregory’s Beyond Wonderland??


    I like it when

  8. Qthgrq Says:

    Ah, in vein of Alan Moore’s Lost Girls. I imagine a similar level of maturity shines through.

  9. Rachel Says:

    Why, exactly, does Mystique not wear clothes anymore?

    Fuckin’ Movies.

  10. amypoodle Says:

    Don’t you realise that it is a woman’s right to express herself through sexy lingerie, breast augmentation and nude-shots?

  11. Cicero Says:

    Isn’t Mystique almost always naked?

  12. Qthgrq Says:

    Just so were all on the same page, here’s a description of the sequence featuring Mystique:

    Two army grunts inspect a centrefold, only to find the model in question right in front of them, holding the same pose. Quelle surprise, the model’s Mystique, obvs, who despatches the guards and proceeds to get suited up, Arnie style, but minus clothing.

    What’s interesting about it, in addition to absurdity of Mystique’s gun toting nudiness, is the way the scene references itself. Mystique starts the scene masquerading as a glamour model and ends the scene in a panel that transparently mimics the form of a centrefold.

    It quite explicitly *is* attempting to be pornographic.

  13. Bein’ sexy addendum: the secret message revealed!!11!! « Mindless Ones Says:

    [...] the guys a quick ogle*, proceeds to knock the hapless chaps unconscious. We are then treated to the aforementioned suiting up sequence, which, intriguingly amounts to more of a suiting down, and reaches its, [...]

  14. H-B Says:

    Everyone who said that the last pic was just there for wank purposes is WRONG! Mystique was naked because she had decided to fight Wolvie without using her powers. And since her clothes were generated by her shape-shifting ability, then they disappeared when she “turned off” her powers.

  15. Qthgrq Says:

    At last some sense.

    There’s definitely no way a writer could have forced her to get her kit off, or foisted all that fuck fighty imagery on her. NO WAY. She makes her OWN CHOICES. She is a STRONG WOMAN. Who wasn’t gonna face Wolverine on anything but her OWN TERMS.


  16. amypoodle Says:

    HB, dude, if I was my girlfriend (or most women I know – indeed, most people I know) and I happened upon that Mystique image, I wouldn’t give a shit about the reasons the creators had contrived to get her clothes off, I’d just view it as another example of WHY I DON’T READ COMICS.

    If you had any idea how many people have found this site via search terms like ‘Harley Quinn fuck’ or ‘Iron Fist penis’, you might have a clearer idea of the context this sort of stuff emerges from. But I suppose the evidence is all around you all the time – the Mary Jane cheesecake figurines, the fan lust for Frank Cho’s art and Powergirl’s breasts – and if you’re still in denial then there may be no hope for you.

    No hope at all.

    Personally I love the idea that people come here looking for Poison Ivy in the buff and cleave thoroughly chastised.

    We’re watching you, you naughty little boys.

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