Before we get going with this, a quick question — I’ve been thinking of releasing this series of posts, when finished (some time next year), as a book. Would anyone actually buy and read such a thing, or is it a bad idea?

I’m asking now, because here is where we head into a totally different realm of Doctor Who. I’ve done sixteen of these posts so far, and there are thirty-three after this. But fourteen of the sixteen previous ones have been about TV shows, with only two (Dr Who And The Daleks and Doctor Who And The Cave Monsters) dealing with non-TV stories. Of the thirty-four stories from 1979 to 2012 I’m dealing with, only fourteen of those essays will be talking about stuff that was actually on TV in those years. Four of them won’t even be about Doctor Who.

Because much of the 23,717 words I’ve done in this series so far has been setup. It’s only now, as we get to the close of the 1970s, that I can really start talking about what I want to talk to. From now on, these essays will be getting much longer, and much less in the “this happened, then this happened” vein. I have things to say. You have been warned…

Everything about Doctor Who changed in 1979, because Doctor Who Weekly started.

Karen Rubins interview

March 1st, 2010


Cartoon County is a Sussex based organization run by David Lloyd and Corinne Pearlman where comic book types can show their work and share information. The monthly meetings at The Cricketers pub in Brighton are a great source of inspiration and alcohol for all involved.  Last January’s meeting was graced by the presence of Karen Rubins.  Karen is nice and special as she recently completed a residency at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum.
She was kind enough to talk about the experience and answer questions from CC’s more gobby members like myself, David Lloyd, Dez Skinn, Corinne Pearlman and Tim Pilcher. Why not listen as she talks secret tunnels, samurai swords, hidden comic collections, tarot cards and filling in forms!!!!!

Click to download Karen Rubins interview