Here’s the latest Cartoon County chat, preserved for you in pod form.  Here we talk to Mark Buford. Mark is the creator of the daily strip, Scary Gary. We had an entertaining talk about the strip and this tough and overlooked branch of  sequential illustration.  Hope you enjoy it!


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Back in August we talked to John Higgins John Higgins at the monthly Cartoon County meeting. Look! There he is with his creation, Razorjack!

We interviewed John a while back and now you can hear a pretty much unedited 1 hour conversation with the man in the company of Dez Skinn, David Lloyd and a host of other sequential storytellers.  The talk ranges from 70s head comics to superheroes, blue line colouring to computer colouring,  self publishing and Spider-Man’s underpants.

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Back in June, Cartoon County had a visit from Sarah Lightman of the London based graphic narrative creating and reading group Laydeez Do Comics.  It was ascorching hot day and we had the air conditioning on, creating some audio issues.  Still, worth a listen.


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At the end of April, Garen Ewing came along to Cartoon County for an informal chat amongst fellow comic creators the Cricketers pub in Brighton.

We mostly talked about his series The Adventures of Julius Chancer: The Rainbow Orchid, published by Egmont.  Book Two is due in July with Book One available now and you could win a copy (see below).  The conversation covered a number of topics including Tin Tin, Asterix, The DFC, Class and British comics and off into a discussion about digital comics which everyone has an opinion on which is why this podcast is so long…  well,


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Karen Rubins interview

March 1st, 2010


Cartoon County is a Sussex based organization run by David Lloyd and Corinne Pearlman where comic book types can show their work and share information. The monthly meetings at The Cricketers pub in Brighton are a great source of inspiration and alcohol for all involved.  Last January’s meeting was graced by the presence of Karen Rubins.  Karen is nice and special as she recently completed a residency at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum.
She was kind enough to talk about the experience and answer questions from CC’s more gobby members like myself, David Lloyd, Dez Skinn, Corinne Pearlman and Tim Pilcher. Why not listen as she talks secret tunnels, samurai swords, hidden comic collections, tarot cards and filling in forms!!!!!

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