December 18th, 2020



“It’s Christmas Day, sir!”
“Then there’s still time! Tell me, boy; is that fat goose still in the window of the butcher’s?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Then take this money and go buy it for Bob Cratchit and his family!”
“But it’s Christmas day, sir. The butcher’s is closed.”
“Oh… Then smash the window and grab the fat goose!”
“Sir, you DO know that it’s just a display fat goose? It’s the plastic one that’s there every year.”
“Why, you saucy urchin! Any more cheek from you and I’ll give you a thrashing! Now smash that window, grab the fat goose and take it to Bob Cratchit’s house!”
“Fuck off, mate!”

HOX3 Etc. Welcome to our very, very special December 18th episode of SILENCE! It’s like a scrooge convention in here. Come in, the water’s filthy and will probably give you dysentery.

After some moaning about everything (including the lack of interest in Gary’s own comic, Journey To The Surface Of The Earth), there’s some bigging up of the belated SILENCE! To Astonish cyber-panel at Digi-Thought Virtual-Bubble. Oh, and Gary Lactus has almost written a song for The Beast Must Die but not really.

The Reviewniverse beckons, covering James Stokoe’s Won Ton Soup, Elektra Assassin, Goddess, Wildcat, Green Arrow, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, Havok and Wolverine: Meltdown, some Fred Egg comics and probably some other stuff.

After some final complaints it’s off you go, back to the rubbish timeline we all seem to be stuck in. Ugh!




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6 Responses to “SILENCE! #287”

  1. Winty Says:

    Death Wish was the name of the strip with the guy with the messed up face. Blake Edmonds was an F1 driver horrifically scarred in a racing accident and so took on suicide missions. It was the only thing worth reading in ‘Tiger’ and transferred over to ‘Eagle’.

    Interesting remarks about the decline of the British comics marked in the late Eighties and early Nineties. I think games consoles had a lot to do with it along with ever increasing costs/prices and the rise of the TV/Toy brand mags with plastic tat which dominate the kiddies shelves in newsagents. It’s a crying shame what happened. We were spoiled by the diverse range of genres and titles when we were young. I’ve resorted to buying old issues of DC Thompson comics and annuals for my daughter and son. They like the stories in Twinkle and Bimbo at bedtime (some great art in there) but many of the humour titles have dated: corporal punishment (canings and slipperings), bumper feasts and Dennis’ homophobic bullying and the constant body-shaming of the fat kids. Impossible to explain to youngsters today. Times have definitely moved on.

    Merry Christmas, Gents, to you and yours and to all SILENCE! listeners.

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