New podcast from me and the boy Sean. Trial period. Shonky first effort.


Bannon/Evola: The antipopular believe 

Esoteric fascism past and present
Why it’s shit
And how to beat it.


DEEPTHEME by the wonderful Nestor Middleton

Bloomberg profile.

Handsome Dan and Prenk Rebus talking at the Conservative People Ain’t Cool convention, February.

Transcript of Bannon speech to an exclusive audience of the Vatican’s wackest paedophiles, Rome 2014.

NY Times article in which having ever read one book by a brokedick fascist is, like, really clever.

An article on Vox about Bannon and Moldbug. Ugliness everywhere.

Wikipedia page.

Julie, maybe stop looking like such a Nazi all the time?

Against the Modern World: Traditionalism and the secret intellectual history of the Twentieth Century

Fourth Turning wikipedia page

The Magical Battle of Britain


The Megatron doctrine 

6 Responses to “1DEEPSTATUS. Bannon/Evola: The antipopular believe”

  1. Anton B Says:

    Looking forward to immersing myself in this

  2. Adam Says:

    Totes recommended by me

  3. Anton B Says:

    Great pod guys. Particularly liked the Occult Battle of Britain stuff. I’m assuming you know about this -
    From Phil Sandifer at the Eruditorum press blog. If not, check it out, explores,the same kinda stuff.

  4. bobsy Says:

    THanks Anton – I was sure I gave Phil some money for the cool photocopied 80s version of that Basilisk book, but it never arrived. Should probably check that with Kickstarter!

  5. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Good stuff. Lost me somewhat with the suggestion that a bunch of LARPers somehow helped beat the nazis.

  6. Alex Cline Says:

    Is there an RSS feed I can subscribe to with my podcasting app?

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