Welcome to Diane… #29

There is a great conjunction occurring in time. Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they look as one into episode 27 of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, sometimes known as The Path to the Black Lodge. As the end nears and Time and Space approach conjunction, our theme is Unification.

Two bad men combine to make a horse. Billy Zane and a certain Miss Horne make a beast of two backs, and Major Briggs returns the secret history of the 20th century to the sight of God.


Each embedding contains the possibility of a dis-embedding, as something that was at a supposedly inferior ontological level threatens to climb up out of its subordinated position an claim equal status with the level above.

LOADS of plans afoot at Diane HQ lately. The end of Twin Peaks is imminent but we feel like we’re just getting started. If you’d like to support us as we take our brains to another dimension then please kick on over to iTunes and gives us a fat five star review. Cheers!

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Next episode: BOBbing for apples

PS: Image this time via Giphy.

15 Responses to “Diane… #29: Twin Peaks Episode 27 – The Path to the Black Lodge”

  1. John Says:

    You may shine like Jupiter and Saturn but none of you are gas giants. Excellent joke though.
    That videotape of Earle is one of the best moments in the show, and this is in my top five favorite episodes.
    Cappy has been in a first season episode, but can’t remember which one.
    And, all the looking off into the distance within the great northern was related to Josie. I think it was in Reflections where I read it was foreshadowing that the people looking into the wood and the fire there could see Josie just off camera. This jives with Lynch putting a double for Josie’s body into the red room sequence.

  2. Zakaria Says:

    Seems to be a re-upload of episode 26: Variations on Relations

  3. bobsy Says:

    Cheeses what a shambles! Thanks Zak – my bad. Fixed now :-)

  4. Zakaria Says:

    I see your shambles and I raise you my very own Omnishambles. I follow you on Libsyn so I’ve already heard this episode.


  5. Adam Says:

    Love that about bit of apocrypha about Josie, John. Very spooky.

    I don’t see it at as being at all at odds with our discussion, given that that Josie would be quite literally of the woods. Just a locus for its weird out there-ness.

    Been thinking a lot recently about how we decide what to include and exclude in our readings of Twin Peaks, because I think there’s legitimate reasons to take a partial view that only incorporates certain elements, but at the same time there’s certain magic (and I think magic is a particularly useful and apt word here) to taking Twin Peaks (the films, books, etc…) as a whole.

    Interesting to think about how apocrypha fits into this picture. For example, the intention to incorporate the shade of Josie isn’t evident to the viewer, but at the same time it makes sense and lends certain elements more weight

  6. John Says:

    The wonderful thing about Twin Peaks is it presents just enough logic that we can create pattern recognition from a ton of disparate elements, while at the same time just enough explicit details are missing just enough context that said details can equally support and refute the same multiple contradictory theories without explicitly proving or disproving anything. That’s why the only wrong way to interpret Twin Peaks is to say “I have the ONLY answer”

    You could do three separate pass-throughs of a recap podcast from majorly different angles (or even if you looked at is “as a whole” all three times) and you still wouldn’t be at the bottom of the well.

    I think you might want to try, once all the new episodes have aired, a follow-up recap from the beginning of the original pilot all the way to the end of the newest episodes, wrapping up after Mark Frost’s second new book that will have been released by this point. And then maybe another full recap after that’s released…
    This is the conundrum when faced by circular storytelling. It encourages further, deeper exploration :)

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