Cindy & Biscuit are back with the conclusion to ‘The Bad Girl’. After last issues devastating cliffhanger, we catch up with the plucky pair as they continue their epic struggle with the mysterious witch girl that’s been haunting the woods, and Cindy’s life…

It’s 56 pages of mayhem, as C&B battle for their life in the strangest environment yet. Wherever it is, it’s not the woods any more, that’s for sure…it’s somewhere darker, weirder and potentially deadly!

Buy your copy at the Milk The Cat shop  HERE.

Cindy & Biscuit have been nominated twice for the British Comic Awards, and count among their fans Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier. The TCJ described his work as “immediately appealing, chunky cartooning (with an) ever-present desire to peek round the darker corners of the psych” and Forbidden Planet Blog state that “Cindy & Biscuit is a spectacular comic, full of incredible action, powerful emotions, wonderful storytelling”.

Here’s some nice pictures for your peepers to sweeten the deal:

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