This is more interesting that it would first appear. For a start it features FX guru John Gaeta, whose mode of delivery is mesmerisingly obtuse.

More seriously, this collaboration between ILM and xLab on virtual/augmented reality tech, while being part of the Disney hype machine, has some potentially fascinating and not a little chilling implications.

1. Although it’s never explicitly stated, it seems certain that Disney are going to create a virtual theme park and that this is going to happen sooner than we’d expect. The motivation here is obvious, an entirely new form of entertainment that can’t be pirated that will make them billions.

2. The technology that will allow that to happen is scary. We’re talking a near future where our movements will be tracked in minute detail around our homes and on the street. Most of technology to do this already exists in some form or other. In fact I’m just about to get a boiler installed in my house that will be linked to motion sensors and computer designed to figure out when we’re home and when we’re likely to be out.

3. Our UK government is unwilling and apparently incapable of thinking sensibly about our technological future, so don’t expect anyone to intervene to stop what’s likely to be the most invasive set of technologies ever. As for the public, tell them that they’ll be able to hang out on Bespin and watch Luke and Vader go at it and they’ll sell their souls.

Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One might be a trashy nostalgia-fest, but it’s starting to feel unpleasantly prescient.

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