May 27th, 2014


<ITEM> There’s no robot, we’re clear on that, OK?

<ITEM> The X won’t X itself, you learn, and so The Beast Must Die be gone for now. Fear his return, when the goose of the moon gets fine and fat.

<ITEM> Unforkunakely, Gary’s hunger for space rocks will not be satisfied by merely genuine good reasons0000000, and as per, bobsy has nothing else to do and dutifully hobbles by.

<ITEM> Tell us what you think of the The Making of the Making of Star Wars the Musical bit at the beginning. You can see that it’s all about the admittedly brilliant ‘intuitive/diminutive’ moment, but we’re really keen for feedback ahead of rollout do let us know what you think via the special survey.

<ITEM> There is some admin at the beginmin too, and a recap of the Bank Holiday weekend, when they watched the X-Men Dofp movie and had a barbecue at Zom’s and it was bobsy’s birthday. They talk about Hotel for Dogs during this podcast portion.

<ITEM> And then the Galaxy eater (a bit too sugary, and made by Nestle to boot, prob) and his mewling supper travel to the Reviewniverse, where they talk about…

<ITEM> Caliban, Elephantmen, Original Sin, Prophet, Batman Weakly, Uber, Julian Cope, Zero, Hypnotic Induction Technique, The Boy in Question, Copra and Adapt. Possibly some other stuff too, but they weren’t keeping very good notes.

<ITEM> You know the joke about the guy needing a microscope to see his own cock? Well, this podcast is respectfully – and resexfully – dedicated to Sir Darren of Oxon.

<ITEM> So listen to SILENCE! #102. There is nothing in your life nearly as important.

Click to download SILENCE!#102

Click to download SILENCE!#102


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18 Responses to “SILENCE! #102”

  1. Zakaria Says:

    First you stop casting a pod just before finally getting to my Quest-Ion.
    Then I have to wait a month before the next podfetus is born and finally it turns out to be a no questions asked podding this week?

    I believe this is what they call a 1.. 2.. 3.. enemy action.

    We’ll I’ll just let you know that I’ve hired a crack team of mercenaries to take you out before you decide not to answer questions again… Mind you I probably should have hired a non crack-addict team of mercenaries, they seem to be immobile at the moment.

    You win this round.
    But know that a boBz guest appearance won’t pacify me any further even with his good nature, timely recommendations and valuable insights.

    He is wrong about Iron man 3 however. Which is another charming little gem from Shane Black. Not quite as good as “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” .. but truly, what is?

  2. bobsy Says:

    The Julian Cope novel is called 131, not 303, sorry.

  3. Cass Says:

    Bit disappointed with the “we’re busy” expo. When SILENCE! Drought Week 3 came around, I thought you had thrown in with Graeme and Jeff on their new website and were saving it as a surprise. Ah well, still glad to have the dulcet tones of SILENCE! back in my ears.

    By the by, bobsy, “Wolverine” in COPRA is actually Captain Boomerang. The 1980s Suicide Squad (Fiffe’s main inspiration for COPRA) is well worth checking out if you haven’t already. I’m sure you can find some in your local comic shop’s cheapy bins. Or maybe TBMD can lend you his – I think he mentioned picking them up, lo those many moons ago.

  4. bobsy Says:

    Oh yeah, Australian, makes sense, cheers! I’ve a few of the clarseic Suicide Squad knocking around somewhere, not as good as Copra, I find the unreconstructed Reaganism a bit on the vommy side tbh.

  5. tam Says:

    Bobsy, I think you’ll find Jubillee is a far more annoying X man than Kitty Pride, I concede Kitty’s irritatingly winsome, but Jubillee’s got all that going for her too and a dreadful costume inspired by the London Underground as well.

    Haven’t seen X men yet and not sure if I can bothered but intrigued by what you were saying about Quicksilver. Until now, I think the best representation I’ve seen of superspeed to date was that wonderful exhilarating sequence in The Incredibles, (also, I think, still the best superhero film to date) so is it as good as that?

  6. The Beast Must Die Says:

    John Ostrander, definitely not a Reaganite. Suicide Squad was a much more subtle and ambiguous comic than you’re giving it credit for.

  7. Cass Says:

    Oh wow, you think so? I’m reading it now, up to issue 19 at the moment, and the four or five times Reagan has appeared, it seemed to me that he was being cast as a villain. In one early appearance, Amanda Waller says to him something along the lines of “Maybe this problem wouldn’t have come up in the first place if you hadn’t cut all our social programs, Mr. President,” and Reagan gives her a very blasé brushoff. I don’t think the comic is pro-Reagan at all, although maybe I’m just not getting what you mean by “unconstructed Reaganism.”

  8. Cass Says:

    Sorry, my comment was @bobsy.

  9. Matthew Craig Says:

    Surely Don “Maxi Cheds” Cheadle’s finest hour was on that show with Laura Ingalls as Dr Kaori Weaver?

    Iron Man Three was boss, though. Three Iron Mans! Okay, “Iron Patriot” is the worst kind of Drony Stark superhero name, but Rebecca Hall? The bit in the bar? That freeze frame of James Badge Dale in the end creds? The end creds? I keep wanting to mash that tune up with clips from Father Ted, but for god’s sake no.

    I can’t imagine K-Dogg taking bribes or Kenickie rarities to pocket-dust the overarc of Uber from one spin to another, but I can certainly see people punting on event comics, etc.. There’s other-media precedents: Who Shot J.R.?, Who Shot Phiw Mitchuw?, Who’s The Next Who? Lordy: all those talent shows are doshcontinent for the gamblehouses. Comics could have easily gone down that road in the bad oul’ days.

    I do like a nice outsize format. One day, I’ll do something in the James Nash/Skyscaper format (A3 folded in half along the long axis). Or somebody else will. Maybe an A4 antho with dense, panel-heavy pages. And that Commando-format project I’ve been aching for is just waiting to burst from the aether like sexy pus. Maybe if I grow new hands, or sell my hair, home, skin for adverising space.

    Adapt Part One is up on the studygroupcomics site. Looks really good. JN has a slightly nightmarish strip with Sean T. Collins up there, as well. I want to say J-Horror, but it isn’t even close.

    Arrested Development is very good. Keep it away from the houmous, though.

    Happy late Bobsday, Bobsy!


  10. bobsy Says:

    Fair enough, maybe I should have another look at Suicide Squad.

  11. Thrills Says:

    Ooh, glad to hear Silence! is back!

    That DVD extra at the end of this week’s podd was quite chilling and made me feel like one of those people that films Owen Wilson’s brother in a hotel room. Still, was ‘Pulling’ watched, afterwards? I think it has some decent writing and the lead and her fiancé are good, but it’s ultimately let down by the BBC3-style supporting actors.

    Saw X-Men last night. Who ever expected to see Bishop and Blink in a film? I’m holding out hope that the next one has Ever and Maggott and Cable, for that full-on 90s pat-down.

    Oh, Matthew Craig! I am currently working on a densely-panelled A4 anthology! Am I part of some sort of zeitgeist?

  12. Gary Lactus Says:

    We actually watched the entire series of The Face UK. Best times.

  13. Gary Lactus Says:

    It never struck me that the extra might be uncomfortable to listen to. I just thought it all rather amusing. Guess you had to be there then completely forget about being there. Sorry.

  14. Thrills Says:

    Oh, it was an entertaining extra, it was just incredibly odd. For some reason, I imagined it all taking place in a caravan. 2 REAL.

  15. Matthew Craig Says:

    It was a little bit like being the guy who arrives late for the party but also doesn’t drink. (oh hey: autobiography title)

    Pulling was good, and one of just a many reasons why sending the ThreeB to the farm is going to be so shit. For every program like Let’s Cry At Poverty, there were plenty of things that were basically Not Aimed At Guys Like Me and so were brilliant. BUT HEY AT LEAST WE GET TO FREE UP A CHANNEL FOR TAT AND GAMBLES.


  16. jameswheeler Says:

    Re: Colossal comix, having read and enjoyed various Simon Hanselmann bits online, I added St. Owl’s Bay (Wet Swords) to my Impossible Books basket, without realising it was in a broadsheet newspaper format. Great comic and all, but how am I supposed to read this thing? On my cartography table? On the train, like a stinking pin-striped dickbag who owns all the seats? (I settled for in bed, annoying my partner and myself. WILL NOT READ AGAIN.)

    Speaking of, hands up who wants a bundle of good indie comics; I need space and I don’t think the ebay take will be worth the effort.

  17. Thrills Says:

    Just went back and listened to the X-Men:TimeFun review, as I had previously skipped it due to having not seen the film at the time of my initial Poddd listen. I can only agree that Kitty Pryde is the most annoying X-Turd. “Oh, I’m the point of view character, and I’m just like you! Except I am a haxxor l33t computo-wiz, can speak Skrull, have a pet dragon from space, ninja skills, and the ability to not understand that drawing close attention to the fact ‘mutants’ are a metaphor for racism is generally a bad idea, given that it collapses insultingly almost immediately”


    Also, Fassbender isn’t a bad person because of his pinched look, he’s a bad person because of the genuinely horrific abuse allegations towards him. THE BACKLASH HAS BEGUN

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