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10 Responses to “Mindless Mad Men #8 – Dark Shadows”

  1. Papers Says:

    Elevators are really a tangible space this season, aren’t they? They have been all along–think back to Pete discovering that Black people own TVs–but this season, the elevator’s seething. Madchen Amick materializes into the space between Megan and Don in one, rising from the depths of memory/hell as they head up to SCDP.

    Rising–Betty spitting up the whipped cream. The monster rising. There’s a Kraken in them waters.

  2. Ad Mindless Says:

    I did think back to both those examples. They’re good ones

  3. amypoodle Says:

    Maybe that’s the real distance between Megan and Betty, that Megan and Don are capable of change, of moving with the times, and Betty isn’t. Maybe that’s what the scene and their outfits are really about. And if that’s the case then it’s sad, because the ability to change is a luxury. One has to consider all the privileges Don and Megan enjoy that Betty doesn’t. It’s not entirely her fault, is what I’m saying.

  4. Ad Mindless Says:


  5. amypoodle Says:

    I think it’s really easy to be magnanimous when you’re in Don and Megan’s position. Not so easy for Betty.

  6. Ad Mindless Says:

    For sure. Mind you, Betty’s never been particularly magnanimous even when she’s had room to be.

  7. amypoodle Says:

    I think she’s always felt suffocated, tbh. It began with shaking hands and now its whipped cream.

  8. RetroWarbird Says:

    “Maybe that’s the real distance between Megan and Betty, that Megan and Don are capable of change, of moving with the times”

    Or at least, in Don’s case, acting like he’s capable of it. He does try to bridge the divide semi-regularly, especially now he’s growing more conscious of it. Where’s the cut-off point for hipness, anyway? Don’s always been hipper than quite a few younger characters … and old man Roger’s the one going to acid parties.

    Theme of death and wasteland aside, Dark Shadows is ultimately a story about resurrection and adaptation to a new world. So who gets to be Barnabas?

  9. amypoodle Says:

    Yeah, I think there was alittle hyperbole there wrt Don. I think he’s a bit of a fuddyduddy too.

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