12 Responses to “Terminus – a weekly comic strip”

  1. Zom Says:


    Touches on something that never fails to bug me. Do you remember that Barbelith thread about fucking your clone and how all those people decided it would be definitely totally amazing, because you would so definitely be able to satisfy yourself and there’s no way in the world you could ever REALLY RANK YOURSELF OUT

  2. Bots'wana Beast Says:

    Oh, I don’t – bollocks, I was going to tell you about my friend Fraser’s* desire (admittedly, this was a time-travel conundrum) to give 18y.o. himself a beej. Or punch himself right in the puss, I think that was the two choices.

    *a little ginger man from Airdrie, who actually lives in Brighton now, and shops – when he does which is not, I think, so often these days – in Dave’s Comics

  3. captain trips Says:

    Is he the clone or the clonee?

  4. Zom Says:

    Does it matter?

    Bots, that’s weird. Do you plan on hooking up with him when you come down?

  5. Bots'wana Beast Says:

    Eh, maybe, not sure.

  6. The Satrap Says:

    Crap, you’ve done it again. “Haiku pulp”, indeed.

    Didn’t you boys say it was going to be possible to purchase a printed version of the Termini? I need to own them, fondle them. In my basement.

  7. The Satrap Says:

    Or “pulp haiku”, maybe.

  8. Zom Says:

    It will be possible. Wheels are turning. Slowly.

  9. pillock Says:

    I want fridge magnets, damn it!

  10. rev'D Says:

    ‘The Prestige’ in one panel, minus the melodrama! Too bad. I have a closet love of melodrama.

    Remember that bit in Morrison’s X-Men where one of the junior sprats asked Jaime Madrox if he ever had an orgy with himself? Eurrrrrrrr

  11. Thrilltone Says:

    I think Madrox singing all the parts of ‘Justify My Love’ (I think?) by Madonna is the best use of his powers in any comic, ever.

    Did he not grow up alone on a farm, with only his clones for company? Jings.

    I don’t think I’d shoot my clones, but I would definitely enjoy bashing them on the skull with chairs and fire extinguishers, whenever I got annoyed with myself.

  12. pillock Says:

    Maybe just some big glossy stickers? I could go and buy the fridge-magnet material myself…

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