January 3rd, 2016



Should old appliances be forgot and never brought round to mine,
I’ll remind you that you need to return my strimmer before springtime.

Happy new year, Dear Listener! As the pine needles drop liberally from the Christmas tree, so your loving hosts drop facts, opinions and bullshit onto your carpet/brain.

I hope we’ve all made New Year’s Resolutions? I know we have – our resolution is to bring you the VERY BEST AND MOST GREATEST PODCAST ON THE INTERNET! Well that didn’t take us long to achieve! Cos here we are with a brand new healthy living version of SILENCE!!

<ITEM> Some too yearce admin, with news of our sponsors and all the lovely January comic sales in Olde Londone Towne. Then it’s a special New Yearz edition of SILENCE! (The Film Is Starting) with  Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inside Out, Charlie Brooker’s A Touch Of Cloth, Ant Man, The Avengers.
<ITEM> The first Reviewniverse of the Noo Year covers Patsy Walker Hellcat, Spider-woman, Dan Dare – the 2000AD strips, Rick Veitch’s Rarebit Fiends, Tupelo, Nameless, , The Dear Listeners, The Only Gang In Town, Vertigo No.1′s, Jacked and plenty o’more!
<ITEM> Put down that drink! We’re all having a dry January. Fill yourself up instead with the nourishing goodness of…SILENCE!

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #170”

  1. claire Says:

    The top 100 children’s books reminded me of my favourite book as a kid which was The Man by Raymond Briggs. It’s about a tiny naked man who appears in a little boys bedroom, harasses him and threatens to burn his house down. Also got some of the best marmalade illustration I’ve ever seen.

  2. tam Says:

    The Hat Game? That’s SO North London!
    Down here in simpler, more down to earth South London, we call it ‘The Game’ and are content to make do with putting the bits of paper in kitchen receptacles or spittoons.

  3. Daniel S Says:

    What was the comic about the junkie superhero called? I missed the title when you were talking about it The Beast Must Die.

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    Tupelo I believe.

  5. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yup, Tupelo. And very weird it is too.

  6. John Bishop Says:

    Happy new year, SILENCE!ers, hope you had a goodun.

    Loving the vitriol towards Gaiman and his dream lies. I wish I took more notes of my dreams, I do have some corkers. Such as the time I was on a telephone made of chocolate, in the shape of Top Cat, telling my mum on the other end she had to hurry up as the phone was melting.

    Me and Tam had a cracking game of Zombicide with a couple of mates over Christmas, now that is good stuff! Not really a party game though.

    I liked Force Awakens, but it would definitely benefit with a couple of those old school aliens from Mos Eisley. At least there wasn’t a hideous amount of lens flare.

    I’d also like to use this little space to say a huge thanks to THRILLS for sending me not only one but three of his minicomics, along with some little prints and a couple of badges. Top stuff!

  7. Thrills Says:

    Nae bother, John Bishop! I’m a sort of photocopied, stapled santa claus.

    I have the horrific suspicion I’d welcome an entire podcast complaining about Gaiman and all he represents. He makes my skin crawl (though I think Sandyman and Miracleman have merit, all his other comics are really not for me in quite an incredible way).

    Unlike the Beast Must Die, though, I have no problem believing Gaiman’s dreams are as shittily linear as the ones in Rarebit Fiends (which is a great comic, incidentally) suggest, as for a wordsmith/storyteller/dreamweaver, he seems to have fuck-all imagination.

    That said, I recently dreamed that I was literally carrying too much baggage. My subconscious is a massive letdown.

    I liked Star Wars, it was a good time, and I can forgive its flaws in the main as I reckon if I was a kid I’d love it to bits. Gleason and the Scottish guy, though, I cannot forgive them their terrible performances. That shit should not have made it out of the editing suite.

  8. Nate A. Says:

    I liked the first half of Force Awakens and hated the second half. To my eyes, Abrams crammed too much into it. Three major events happened in the last 20 minutes, any one of which would have made a fine ending.

    “Gaiman’s Dreams” was the name of a goth band in West Covina, California during the early nineties. No it wasn’t. It should have been.

    I too want to give props to Phil Elliot. Great storytelling, charming lines. That Tupelo comic sounds boss.

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