That’s right! It’s Zom’s pick now and he’s chosen Prison Pit Book 2 by Johnny Ryan!!
LET’S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11 Responses to “2010 Mindless Podcast #3 Prison Pit Book 2”

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by David Al, Mindless Ones. Mindless Ones said: NEW PODCAST: The Mindless enter PRISON PIT 2. Will they ever leave? [...]

  2. It Burns Says:

    What was interesting about interviewing him…I aproached the interview from a serious, “let’s discuss Prison Pit in depth” POV, and was summarily forced to change my attitude toward the interview because, as is mentioned here, Ryan became opaque about any serious underpinnings to the comic.

    Personally though, I felt like the rape, the needle vagina, the needle cock…all that’s grotesque in Prison Pit is strangely inevitable. Let’s say Ryan wanted to put a sex scene in for some reason, this horrible book demands it be a rape. The book is devoid of anything acceptable and good. No less that the worst of humanity is permitted within its covers.

  3. bobsy Says:

    Sure, which I think is a change to the jokey boysy tone of the first book (which I may have been mistaken in perceiving in the first place. No doubt says a lot about me that a spiky cock is funny but a spiky fanny is not.)

  4. It Burns Says:

    I agree. I find it hard for a good piece of art to NOT have some sort of greater heartbeat, even if something like Prison Pit comes along which, while not anti-intellectual or anti-art by any means, is trying to be taken at face value. And I think it totally can be taken for face value, and such an impression isn’t juvenile or ignorant or any of that shit. I just think there’s room for reasonable analyses like your comment in the podcast, Bobsy, about Prison Pit as critique or, my favorite, the schoolboy notebook idea which, in my opinion, deserves more attention than the actual violence in the book. It’s a very interesting idea that suggests there should be more creative freedom in art in general.

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    [...] of insulting everyone equally, and the uneven distribution of abuse is often quite telling.  See the Mindless Ones podcast on Prison Pit and misogyny plus the entire careers of the South Park guys for more evidence of [...]

  6. Book Review: "Burn the Orphanage: Born To Lose" Says:

    [...] to the body-horror antics of Cannibal Fuckface and his pals in Johnny Ryan’s gonzo bloodbath Prison Pit. When we look at the games that inspired it, there’s nothing in Burn the Orphanage to match [...]

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