Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy

September 22nd, 2012

One of the little tricks Steven Moffat has been playing to keep the fans onside is to have, as an undercurrent in his series, references to a specific previous era of the show. Last year, there were a lot of little nods to Patrick Troughton’s last year on the show, almost all of which will have passed the casual viewer by.

This year, Moffat seems to have chosen William Hartnell’s last year or so to pay a sneaky ‘homage’ to. In the year when Steven Taylor was the companion, there was a Dalek story featuring an actor who later went on to play a companion, in a different role (in fact there were two), there was a story about a space ark, featuring the crew interacting with extremely large animals, with a dubious moral message, a trip to New York (coming up tomorrow in this series)…

and the story often considered the worst in the series’ history.

How could he be the Judge? Him of all people? His face! the acid! Terrible disfigurement!

If a Judge Dent was possible, then in this crazy upside down world anything was.

But it didn’t stop there.

This time – oh noooooes- we UPSET THE LEGACY.