January 21st, 2023

A book is a dream you can hold in your hands
Music is a dream that can be played by bands
Dinner is a dream that goes in your tummy
Drugs are a dream that makes you feel funny
Chickens are a dream that likes to lay eggs
Trousers are a dream that covers your legs
Drawers are a dream you can put things in
Norwich is a dream quite close to Kings Lynn

Here’s a bit of fun. The Beast Must Die has run off the the edge of the planet and is falling through space for all eternity (for charity) so Gary Lactus is joined by Douglas Noble and Tom Oldham, the two halves of Dark And Golden. It is not established which one of them is Dark and which is Golden. What ensues is fun and interesting until Tom’s audio stops recording for some reason so towards the end, dear listener, the podcast decays into judiciously edited scraps before rotting away entirely.

During the 1 hr 33 mins of this podcast we speak of Breakdown Press, Baby, It May Never Happen, Angouleme, Croix-Noire, 2000AD Extreme Editions, Peter Milligan’s The Dead, Meltdown Man, Rainbow Swelling, Billionaire Island: Cult Of Dogs, Catwoman: Lonely City, Power Comics, The Butterfly House, Clair Napier’s The Magic Necklace, Cowboy Picture Library 410 – Buck Jones The Hunter and more.

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