The cult film podcast with Mat Colegate (aka Lord Nuneaton Savage) & Dan White (aka The Beast Must Die).

The Savage Beast No.16: Christ on a bike! – Religious Horror Films

In this sixteenth episode, we immerse ourselves in cinematic religiosity, satanism, green slime, posession, sainthood and madness. Films discussed include:

  • Saint Maud (Rose Glass, 2020)
  • Abby (William Girdler, 1974)
  • Prince of Darkness (John Carpenter, 1987)
  • The Church (Michele Soavi, 1989)

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One Response to “The SAVAGE BEAST podcast no.16”

  1. Leif Sachs Says:

    I was planning to go on a rant about how you make me watch all these shitty Italian movies (because you are nothing if not convincing. In fact you are the living rebuttal of the expression “you can’t polish a turd.”)

    But then… by pure chance (or was it?) I stumbled upon Lifeforce, not even making the connection initially. The listen left me truly humbled, forgiving your perversione all’italiana.


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