Deep down in the dungeon

July 8th, 2021

Up from the depths of the dungeon bubbles the latest podcast in the Mindless Ones family, Gelatinous Cube from Rosie and Adam of Diane Podcast.

Every episode the DMing duo pull apart a tabletop RPG encounter of their creation: why it works, where it could – or did – go wrong during play and what’s cool about it. You’ll also hear from the Gelatinous Cube (aka Mark/Amy Poodle), for an acid dream take on the encounter concept.

Full, system neutral write-ups of the each encounter are available in the shownotes, alongside the Cube’s wild and weird reimaginings.

So if you love TTRPGs, grab your ten foot pole, don your +1 Headphones of Listening and fire up your pod-catcher.

See you in pit trap!

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