October 8th, 2013

Here’s a brand new Cindy & Biscuit strip for you. I’m doing these on a semi-regular basis here on Mindless Ones. Check them out here.

Also, Cindy & Biscuit no.3 has been nominated for the Best Young People’s Comic award in the British Comics Awards, amongst some very talented company. I am, needless to say, extremely chuffed. Cross your fingers, toes and everything else people…

Also, also…don’t forget to get yourself a copy of the brand new 56 page  Cindy & Biscuit no.3 from my shop at Milk The Cat. You can pick up my other comics while you’re there.

5 Responses to “CINDY & BISCUIT in ‘PESTS’”

  1. Aleph Says:

    Congratulations on the nomination! Best of luck! Cindy and Biscuit deserve to have it and then use it as a blunt object with which to pummel the Deep And Hungry Things from Dimension Hate.

  2. bobsy Says:

    This is maybe the best one ever. She’s so naughty.

  3. bobsy Says:

    Leave that poor poo alone!

  4. thewalkernz Says:

    Oh, this one is simply perfect.

    Thank You.

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