April 14th, 2013

Here’s a brand new Cindy & Biscuit strip for you. I’m doing these on a semi-regular basis here on Mindless Ones. Check them out here.

Also, don’t forget to get yourself a copy of the brand new 56 page  Cindy & Biscuit no.3 from my shop at Milk The Cat. You can pick up my other comics while you’re there.

7 Responses to “CINDY in ‘GRANDAD’”

  1. bobsy Says:

    ooh, so loving this

  2. Illogical Volume Says:

    Loving these new C&B strips Dan… there’s a great slow-build to them, and this is probably the most subtle and affecting chapter yet!

    The question, then: is Cindy and Biscuit the BEST COMIC or is it merely a BEST COMIC?>>>>>>

  3. mad_arab Says:

    I dig the consistent focus on Cindy, with everything that’s NOT her happening off panel. Really clever way to center your star. Great work!

  4. Illogical Volume Says:

    Very yes, that’s why the bottom left panel works so well – as the picture gets bigger, we move closer to Cindy, losing sight of everything else.

  5. mad_arab Says:

    It’s a very thoughtful way of illustrating that innocent narcissism of childhood, which in retrospect, is a theme that’s visually there all through Cindy and Biscuit.

    Loving where these are going.

  6. J_Smitty_ Says:

    Really great. Thanks so much!

  7. Danny Stoffels Says:

    I LOVE this.

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