NOT the best comic got this week – that was the Dahmer one, shit man – but five pages of McCarthy = min five extra pp worth reading, so ten in total twenty-three and a half pee a page, stiff but SOLD!

BUT the second best comic of the week, and it was more like fifteen cash-worthy pages as it turned out, maybe a smidge above that even. Well worth the getting.

Resurrecting this sometime feature then, like the apparently endless reincarnaions of one’s interest in “)))ad itself, to ask the timeless question – Any Cop?

Judge Dredd by Wagner & Flint

Not just any cop, this cop, top cop, king cop, the only cop you’ll ever need - the one they all look up to while we shudder.

Tharg’s droid factory is better stocked than in some time, while consistent runs (outside the star strip) of more than eight-ten issues may be a thing of futures past, there is clearly a wealth of talent to be drawn on, no doubt working hard and invisible until their deadline come around again. The Dredd strip under Wagner is reliably operating at a higher level than any popular comic.

The Revenge of the Sovs storyline is at another of a series of tightly conducted crescendo points, told with a multi-voiced, telescopic method. The narrative swirls around like killer bugs on a gale, swooping from location to location, inside and out again, drawing in viewpoints and techniques – omniscient narrator, a fat expository monologue, a TV show, and a bit of a last minute tell.

(To  go from there to suggest a thematic sexing between this crashing-in god’s eye view and the toppling of the Justice Dept’s panopticon is probablysome fanfun too far.)

Superior KODOT* manufacture.

Zaucer of Zilk by Ewing & McCarthy

Neath the watchful eye of the shopping trolley, it’s kind of a big-upping of superhero storytelling to similar levels of cultural presence as folk and fairytales. And inside, amusingly, that superhero thing a more specific 80s indie suburban Morrissey superhero thing.  You forgive the cheek – Ewing’s quick, well-balanced script is easily the best the artist has had to work with since the don’t call it a comeback. And if, embedded there in the foreground layers, the paisley pancakes of yesteryear cut a bit too sharply, bit heavy on the Jif Lemon concentrate, then your fanfun there is just to consider how like the aching, overfizzed tongue of the relapsing Love Hearts user is the affect of the digital palette’s faustian flicker.

We give it four brains, quite deliberately splashed with a can or ten of bright paint to summon the fifth.

And it”s got a newsagent in it, which is important, or a sweetshop anyway, which is the same thing. Anyway, go and read it yourself.

Flesh by Mills and Mckay

O right, new Flesh, could be alright, been a while for me, wonder what the art’s li

Jesus Christ!

We award this comic over sixty thick, conical, bone-crunching teeth up to nine inches long each. Out of five.

There was another strip here but honestly I literally.

Nikolai Dante by Morrison & Burns

Same here too really. The only thought worth having about this strip is ‘Do I hate Nikolai Dante >/< Hal Jordan?’ And also to note that Burns’ lush, slightly overabnundant paint is a lot more suited to this neo whatever shenanigans than it was last time I was reading, in dusty Western style SciFier Angel Zero.

I think I heard that this is the last ever Nikolai Dante story, or at least the one where he dies. If only.



22 Responses to “Zak to the Zuture: Z000AD prog 1ZZ5”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Cripes! Didnae ken Zaucer of Zilk was out already! Timed quite nicely as I’ve just finished reading ‘Thrill-Power Overload’ and so am PSYCHED for some 2000AD.

    Oh godddd I love Brendan McCarthyyyy.

    What is wrong with Nikolai Dante? A genuine question! I have never read any stories containing him. I quite like the idea of a sprawling russian sci-fi epic, though.

  2. tam Says:

    The stakes in the current Dredd story just keep on building. Check out next week’s cover (by Chris Weston)…

  3. Jog Says:

    I really like James McKay’s art in Flesh… in fact, the last panel on the last page of the opening chapter in Prog 1774 where the shadows spell out MIDNIGHT COWBOYS was so enormously fucking cool I felt irrationally angry that they’d covered up part of it with the Next Prog box…

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    It has some of the rough explosive energy of the awesome John Hickenton

  5. bobsy Says:

    Thrills old cucumber, I have literally no justification for my errant prejudices. It’s as simple as LOOK > HATE. I’m just going to trust my instincts on this one.

    I have tried on nearly one occasion to give an ND strip the attention some say it deserves (Bob T over at Tearoom of Despair is certainly the most convincing here), and in moments found myself hyperventilating with a strangely bored rage, so now I just avoid ND’s shit-eating beard as much as possible.

  6. Botswana Beast Says:

    Non-UK cats seem to like ND better for some reason, I read there praise and think “ngh, wrong” or more correctly “ngh,[ you're probably] wrong[, I can't be arsed finding out]“

  7. Thrills Says:

    It’s true, he DOES have a shit-eating beard.

  8. Thrills Says:

    Also, read part one of Zaucer of Zilk – it made me feel really, really happy, especially the whole ‘magic word on a Lovehearts sweet’ thing.

    I really should investigate this Al Ewing. I recently read a book by him, ‘I, Zombie’, which I picked up from the library, and it was actually really fucking good and sort of had almost nothing to do with zombies, but loads to do with everything else. A quick, pulpy read, with ever-raising stakes and a bunch of Good Ideas. Good!

  9. Ken Quichey Says:


  10. Ken Quichey Says:

    And how does it taste?

    It tastes like the end of a world that never was…

  11. Ken Quichey Says:


  12. Papers Says:

    The bits of Zaucer I’ve been able to see practically vibrate with some kind of universal harmonic. I need to find an easy source of 2000ad in Canada.

  13. Carmen the Salsa Says:

    Hi folks, I don’t think I’ve seen this commented before here (I hadn’t seen it until now) but check out this reference Garth Ennis did in The Boys.

    so hmm yeah…

  14. Ken Quichey Says:

    That really is such a great piece of design, that logo (in Carmen’s link).
    I can’t believe it hasn’t won some kind of award. All those books about 20th century design: “Oh, look at Minotaur, hey isn’t Simplissimus great, Oh the Smiley face, Oh I heart N.Y. so amazing…” That Swastika thing should be on the front cover of all those books.
    Obviously it’s associated with some shitty ideology or other, but when did that stop anyone from enjoying, and paying money for, all sorts of artful by-products?

  15. Ad Mindless Says:

    I’d say that being associated with the deaths of millions of people will probably keep it from winning any accolades any time soon, which is fair e-fucking-nuff if you ask me, but I agree that the Nazis sure did do some striking iconography.

  16. Gary Lactus Says:

    The classic Nazi black uniform was designed by Hugo Boss. Classic!!!! Odd to think his brand has thrived inspite of his associations. Now you can even wear the fragrance.

  17. Thrills Says:

    Fucking hell, I did not know that.

    I certainly won’t be using the free Hugo boss aftershave sampler I got, then (not that I would, anyway, as it stinks).

    what a powerful political activist I am.

  18. Ken Quichey Says:

    Ad, did you know that, at the recent Royal marriage, they did a flyover with Lancaster bombers?
    Ah, the good old Lancaster bomber, what a great, iconic object.
    Makes you proud to be British.
    You know what they used them for?

    Incidentally, what answer are you going to get if you ask someone why they’re wearing a t-shirt with Che Guevara on it? That the wearer ideologically supports Castro’s autocratic regime? Well, maybe some of them, but really,
    it’s just a great design, innit.
    And yes, it is much better looking than a Lancaster, and so is the Swastika.

    Right so, that’s that settled, who wants to buy one of my lovely Swastika arm-bands? They’re very popular with the ladies. Two for five pahnds.

  19. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I actually totally misread your first sentence and read ‘recent Royal rampage’.


  20. Ad Mindless Says:

    Kenth, Just because we, as a culture, disregard the very nasty stuff other things are associated with doesn’t mean that we should do the same with the swastika. I mean, there’s an extremely unfortunate inconsistency here, I grant you, especially where something as horrific as Dresden is concerned, but still.

  21. Carmen the Salsa Says:

    (i was just pointing to the allstar reference)

  22. Mindless Ones » Blog Archive » Talking Comics #1 Says:

    [...] Bobsy wrote about prog #1775 #1ZZ5 the other week, he couldn’t remember Age of the Wolf II well enough to write about it and only gave Nicolai [...]

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