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April 23rd, 2011

Yeah, so basically, do you spot the clever allusion to the best tumblr ever? But also, hey, today’s subject is indebted to that site’s. Think about it. Anyway, welcome to the Frank ‘Vincent Deighan’ Quitely aggregator, I’d run fuckyeahfrankquitely, but there’s not so much work you know? This is me farming content. Live. Here. Mindlessones. Dot-com.

Ain’t seen this before tho probably b:



That’s the second; both of these are from 1995’s Marvel: Portraits of a Universe #3, and if you click through (if I’ve formatted right, which – probably not, at some point, if you click through) you’ll notice they’re signed by his government name, Vincent Deighan. I don’t think it’s creepy to know Quitely’s real name by now, is it? Anyway, I discovered he’d done work in these by checking his entry on the amazing ComicBookDataBase – it’s not perfect, no mention of the supposed work on one of those Elementals Sex Specials that you so desperately wanted when they came out, but – you just couldn’t. Mum would know. But it’s about as good as you get for the very specialist needs you and I have.


Frank Quitely has drawn useless Marvel ninjas, The Hand, twice, though; here’s the second entry, a pin-up from the Brian Michael Bendis era-Daredevil #50.



These are a couple of sketches done for – I dunno if these are unique or part of a print run, I think it was for charity anyway – covers of another Brian Bendis comics, Ultimate Spider-Man #100


Another pin-up, from Hitman #60 (iirc,) the final issue. While as pretty much the biggest fan of Quitely’s – Vince’s? I think you can only call him that if you know him, which I do not. No-one ever calls him Frank tho – work on The Authority with Mark Millar as you’re likely to find still admitting it on the comicsinternet, and therefore someone who counts himself as totally fucking psyched about the non-corporate superhero epic the two are to collaborate on shortly, while all these things are true – I still think it’s a shame he hasn’t yet been, and I would love to see him, in collaboration with Garth Ennis on something, even a short story. Imagine the lovingly depicted gunshots.





Some covers for Image and Wildstorm comics that you may also have been unaware of – Foot Soldiers #3, Olympus #2 and Gen Active #5.


A Madman pin-up.


A Nick Cave pin-up. (probably via Hey Oscar Wilde!!)







This basically seems to be his main job now, providing incentive covers for DC that no-one knows about. Above, an early example in the genre – JLA Gallery, followed by variants for Birds of Prey #youdonotcare and Green Lantern #60(? maybe 50), an issue of the magnificent All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, Final Crisis: Secret Files and DCU Legacies #8. Incidentally, on the latter, Matt Seneca wrote an excellent piece on his ‘covering’ Kirby within the issue, and Matt is really the reason I’ve not, apart from my other own ineptitudes, engaged with the art descriptively or critically here (suffice to say: Frank Quitely is the best, sub-clause, working in American comics,) because he does it so much better – if you are interested in reading about FQ, I can only give highest recommendation to that piece and others on Batman #700, Absolute All-Star Superman, a comaprison between him and Gasoline Alley’s Frank King and a sequence from ‘Blackheart’ in Dark Horse Presents #92.

I have got some other ones, but they’re not as good, really, and maybe I can wring another post out of this topic someday – hope you enjoyed these and found some new pieces you’d not seen, else the last 5 years of assiduous file-saving I’ve done will count for naught.

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