A Year Without Cider week 7

March 13th, 2011

Danny Noble’s cartoon diary of abstinence. You can also read her Monday Morning strip here.







4 Responses to “A Year Without Cider week 7”

  1. Thrills Says:

    I am glad the cat is more or less okay! Phew. Cats are more important than bandmates, every time.

    The drawings of the cat are ace, also.

    The Mindless do present good comics, so they do.

  2. shivvering jemmy Says:

    Unfortunately the fourth picture seems to have disappeared and this website has given me such a thought-provoking message: “you are looking for something that is not there.” Am I? AM I??

    Glad the cat’s fine. I’ll just assume the fourth picture was something to do with an all-out firefight in an abandoned warehouse.

  3. Botswana Beast Says:

    Oh, the fourth one was the best one, it featured ‘dirty protest’.

  4. bobsy Says:

    Sweet relief.

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