Here’s our next thrilling instalment, featuring Bobsy’s choice of Strange Embrace, Bulletproof Coffin and Monster Truck by David Hine, Kane and Hine and Shaky Kane respectively.  Incidentally, you can read the whole of Kane’s wonderwork, Monster Truck here, and it is strongly suggested that you do so NOW!


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13 Responses to “2011 Mindless Podcast #2 Hine to Kane”

  1. Ken Quiche-y Says:

    One of you lazy scrotes should transcribe this stuff.
    I’m trying to multi mediate for maximum mirth, meaning music, not mumbling mindless, must massage my malleus.

  2. Zom Says:

    Like fuck should we!

  3. Ken Quiche-y Says:

    Don’t you care about deaf people?
    They, too, are entitled to waste their lives contemplating these anachronistic dream-brochures.
    It is your duty, indolent book-end.
    See to it.

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ahh, but then you’d miss our Altman-esque overlapping conversations and whhedling Southern-English brogues (apart from Gary, whose cosmic baritone has been known to rip planets a new asshole…)

  5. Richard Baez Says:

    Haven’t the time to listen yet, but I was unaware of that site. I’

  6. Richard Baez Says:

    Accidentally cut off myself due to ineptitude.

    Anyway, thanks alot for the link! I’ve been itching to read this for quite a while.

    Look forward to listening.

  7. It Burns Says:

    Thanks for the link, Ya’ll.

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  9. John DeMartino Says:

    Hey guys

    Great podcast…you mentioned David Fury’s article on Morrison’s Animal man and I was hoping you could provide a link. Thanks again and I look forward to the next installment.

  10. Zom Says:

    David Fiore linky

  11. John DeMartino Says:


  12. Zom Says:

    Salright, fella!

  13. prooker Says:

    I know that he Hine’s Detective Comics stuff isn’t all that great, but he did write Inhumans: The Silent War with Frazer Irving which is incredibly well written and (as always by Irving) amazingly drawn.

    That was at least a few years ago though, so he may have totally changed his view on writing Big 2 books

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