A weekly strip by Fraser Geesin

moamusingsmellThanks to Ryan Rogers and/or Steve Whitley

9 Responses to “The Amusing Brothers, Andrew and Steven.”

  1. adam aaron Says:

    With jokes like these. the Germans will surely beat us.

    Cheers! Very funny.

  2. Adolf Hitler Says:

    I may beat you. Me and Himmler love this shit!

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    Old dogs, new tricks – you’re a master, Mr Geesin.

    Not sure about that Hitler bloke though. In fact, his presence here is making me doubt my enthusiasms. Also: my bloggy affiliations.

    Don’t want to be seen hanging out with the wrong crowd, you know?

  4. Noam Chomsky Says:

    I thought he died at the end of ‘Ingloriousse Basteywads?’

  5. Illogical Volume Says:

    Come on Noam! Haven’t you heard that there’s a sequel in the works? You’ve really got to start keeping a better tab on current events you know…

    SPOILER: it starts with Hitler waking up & realising that it was all a dream. Also: the movie ends with another face coming out. Rumour is that it might be your face, Noam, but… you know, the Internet.

  6. Anne Frank Says:

    I find this charade very offensive.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Ah, shut up, Frank and go play yer drum kit.

  8. Anne Frank Says:

    Why … I never! I’m a pianist for Christ’s sake!

  9. Anne Frank Says:

    I mean for Yahweh’s sake. Because I’m Jewish.

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