Or rather there have been 100 Termini, and with that milestone comes some changes and some special Terminews! Click through to find out more..

So 100 not out, eh? Not a bad achievement.

And what better way to celebrate than with the publication of TERMINUS BOOK 1: RABBIT SEASON, DUCK SEASON, sixteen lovingly chosen strips in one lovely package:


Published by my own good hand, through my Milk The Cat imprint, for the first time you can get your hands on full colour Terminus goodness IRL!!

16 pages, full colour.

But wait. That’s not all…

Prepare yourself for ZIP CITY COMICS no.1, a brand new collection of strips written and drawn by me:


22 pages, b+w with a colour cover. Contains the strips GO ROBO 4!, LAST SUMMER and JACKIE GOES TO HELL.

They’ll both be available through my blog, Milk the Cat next week (as soon as I’ve sorted out Paypal!), and I’ll be putting a link up on Mindless Ones next week. Keep your peepers peeled! They’re both pretty limited editions, lovingly put together by my good self, so act quick…


So now the changes. 100 consecutive weeks of Terminus has been a whole lot of fun, and a whole lot of work. So it’s time for a wee break. Terminus will be taking an early Summer Holiday. It’s not gone, I just need a break to recharge the creative juices. I never want the strip to get stale – I love it too much and have put too much into it to ever let myself get bored of doing it. But for a short while Mindless Ones will be Terminus-free.

But fear not. Something new is coming in but two short weeks…get ready for something a bit different. Get ready for INSOMNIA!

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