Fuct File

November 1st, 2009


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  1. It Burns Says:

    Prison Pit makes steroids and prison planets attractive. If you’re into vomit and giant sperm-golems of course.

  2. The Satrap Says:

    Nazi maniac did not instruct Rabies to murder Bloodhead, just to bring him Bloodhead’s oesophagus. Who says that a fucking awesome maniac cannot survive without an oesophagus, hmm?


  3. bobsy Says:

    Congrats true believer, by spotting the ‘deliberate’ mistake youhave won yourself the inaugural, much-coveted, sure-to-be-a-collector’s item, first-ever Mindless Ones Know-Prise!

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Which takes the form of an exploding face-knife.

    YOU WIN!!!!???!!!

  5. Thrills Says:

    I have read Prison Pit three times since I purchased it on saturday.

    People are always going about comics you can give to your non-comics-reading pals. This seems to be the one.

  6. Botswana Beast Says:

    It seems to me like the sort of thing that would bring the much-vaunted “children” back to comics-reading?

  7. Zom Says:

    For certain.

  8. It Burns Says:

    It is playful. I mean, yeah there’s lots, LOTS of weird gore, but it reads like a WWE-wrestling-fan getting in a knife/chair/cannibalistic fight over whether the shit’s real or not. . .I couldn’t help but giggle.

  9. Stefan Yong Says:

    Johnny Ryan did a moustache-filled interview a while back and he said that Bloodhead’s real name was Cannibal Fuckface. That said, Bloodhead is definitely the better name.


  10. Stefan Yong Says:

    May I also say that it’s a great comic for kids. I brought my copy to school and it was a MASSIVE hit.

  11. bobsy Says:

    Lots of Know-Prses going out for this one then…

    (damn damn damn)

    nnn… might have to do the whole thing again…

  12. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Cannibal Fuckface is a pretty great name. For anything.

  13. The Satrap Says:

    Know-Prise is too tame, though. “No-Prize for you, you Filthy Fuck” is a good mashup of old and new, in my humble.

  14. bobsy Says:

    shit the bed vice is so for cunts. fuck if i’m changing anything on the back of that shit.

  15. Bucky Sinister Says:

    Just picked this up today, and read it on the crapper when I got home. It felt like the work of a demented 14-year-old.

    Which is to say, great.

    My favorite part of the Bloodhead Handbook page? The diagram of his spiked penis. Because, even though that comes into the story late, it’s really important, and I’m glad you acknowledged that.

  16. It Burns Says:

    New Cover. Check it, fucks.


  17. Zom Says:


  18. Zom Says:

    It is, as expected, Classic Amazing

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