…And here’s the second part of our disturbing bounce on Father Tymbus’s knee (part 1 here). If you listen to the end you’ll find the unveiling of our amazing competition. Two competitions in fact! With prizes!! GREAT PRIZES!!! Actually one of them’s great and the other one not quite so.



To win This:

superman1 superman2

Do this: Email your idea for a new kind of Kryptonite along with a description of its effects to: [email protected]

Best answer wins.

And to win this:

Do this: Email your idea of just who the Black Glove is to: [email protected]

Best theory wins.

Competitions close on the 11th of January 2009

3 Responses to “Podcast: Father Tymbus’s Xmas Grotty part 2 – COMPETITION TIME!”

  1. amypoodle Says:

    Right, here goes.

    Transparent kryptonite.

    Present day Superman collpases into a Superman from another era, media or continuity.

    One for the Prismatic Age.

    I hope I’m the only one who posts here, ’cause I want that toy.

    And the black glove?

    It’s an aggressively poisonous, psychedelic fungus growing on the walls of the Bat-cave, innit? A combination of guano, decomposing bat flesh, strange fluids leaked from Batman’s weirder experiments and the guy’s general bad vibes.

  2. Zom Says:

    If you’d actually paid attention you’d know that people’s entries have been coming to my inbox

  3. Mindless Ones » Blog Archive » Teal kryptonite: Mindless competition winner! Says:

    [...] done to Daniel Kelly, the winner of our first ever mindless competition. We asked readers to come up with a very special, brand new variety of kryptonite, and Dan bravely [...]

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