January 31st, 2013

Here’s a brand new Cindy & Biscuit strip for you. I’ll be doing these on a semi-regular basis here on Mindless Ones.

Also, don’t forget to get yourself a copy of the brand new Cindy & Biscuit no.3 from my shop at Milk The Cat. You can pick up my other comics while you’re there.

3 Responses to “CINDY & BISCUIT in ‘PATROL’”

  1. Illogical Volume Says:


    I can feel this building to something Danny boy. Very exciting. Cindy & Biscuit 3 properly shat me up when I read it, and reading this, I feel sure that I’m going to be shat up again in the future.

  2. Linkblogging For 03/02/13 « Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! Says:

    [...] finally, my colleagues on Mindless Ones have been doing wonderful work recently. Like this, this, this and most of the rest of what’s on the site right now. Share this:PrintEmail [...]

  3. Thrills Says:

    Biscuit: the most endearing dog in comics.

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