May 23rd, 2012



Ayo, weary traveller, pull up a stool and bathe your stinkin’ dogs in a hot bubbly bath…it’s time for the 15th edition of SILENCE!, the podcast that is no longer taking prisoners but rather is executing them, Miller’s Crossing-style in the middle of the woods, with just a hat blowing in the breeze for company…


In this very special episode we have a guest appearance from none other than BOBSY MINDLESS who swings by Lactus’ Cosmic Loungeship for a cup of tea and some heavy duty 2000ad chat (including the best Dredd analysis you’ll find on the intywebosphere, and a wholehearted spunking over Zaucer of Zilk and Flesh). But I’m getting ahead of myself! Before that Beast debuts his deeply sensual deep house ballad ‘SATANUS! (Human Flesh)’ and Lactus gives us a taste of his LIVE acoustic singer-songwriter powers with ‘Crossover Classix’. The SILENCE! News comes next in the way that night follows day and vomiting follows Cinzano, with an exciting announcement about SILENCECON 2012!


Then, and only then, the two-time twannies get onto vital topic of COMICS…thank god. They do talk about:

Peter Bagge’s Reset, Saga, Scalped, Fantastic Four (Nazis Win!), Shade, Fury, Hellblazer, and more…

Then Lactus grits his teeth and prepares to receive the soul-punishment that is ‘Crossover Classix with Gary Lactussssss’ and tries gamely to read all the various AVX and Owlfight shit that is being pumped his way. Including discussions of Nightwing, Red Hood and The Outlaws, Catwoman, Avengers Academy, AVX VS…so nothing good basically.


Then The Beast brings back the purple prose with an appreciation of Don McGregor’s Black Panther: ‘Panther’s Rage’ in Beast’s Bargain Basement, and drops in a word about Michel Fiffe’s awesome looking Suicide Squad comic.

All this and a whole hot mess more in the love letter from us that means you’re fucked forever…SILENCE!


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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #15”

  1. Igmus Says:

    Firstly, the Satanus song wasn’t suggested by me. Thanks for the nod, though.

    Secondly, good show as always, guys.

    Avengers Academy is well worth reading if you can find back issues for cheap. I just randomly pick up issues when I see them for a dollar, and even reading them out of order is an enjoyable experience. Gage makes sure every installment has a good amount of content, characterization and progression. The older issues are better than the more recent, though.

    Yeah, Morrison’s fancy ego-fest convention is a bit much even for him. He’s possibly my favorite comics writer, but part of me hopes all his artist-friends collectively cancel at the last minute. “We love you, Grant, but you need to be taught a lesson in humility.”

    Lastly, an idea for a song: An ode to Bendis banter.

    PS. Finally tracked down a copy of Cradlegrave. Wonderful work; reminded me what I saw during my grad school years in the UK; best recent comic story I’ve read in quite a long while. Any recommendations on John Smith’s other stuff? What about that old issue of Heckblazer he did?

  2. Thrills Says:

    The rhyming of ‘Satanus’ and ‘Tetanus’ is maybe the best thing to happen in my life since the ace cup of coffee I had earlier on. This is high praise, incidentally.

    Morrisoney’s convention is ludicrous and makes me laugh. Who is even going to go? Is there a bunch of super-rich people out there hat are mad for Gerard Way and old men that think cybergoth is the end point of culture?

    I like Morrison, and My Chemical Romance make some good slick pop, but, y’know, jings. Maybe he’ll get murdered atop a pile of Action Comics, to the sounds of his awful old beat group, The Mixers, like something from Tommy? Though I mostly just think it’ll be like a ‘cool’ (fnaaar) version of an episode of Top Gear.

    Christos Gage has been ‘pumping out’ good team books for the last 5 or so years, but I can never maintain the enthusiasm to keep buying them, as I am a creep.

  3. Thrills Says:

    ‘that’, not ‘hat’, that’s my motto.

  4. tam Says:

    Ignore Igmus’ song suggestion! You’ve already done his song request and his ‘denials’ are clearly just a sly trick for him to get more than his fair share of requests. Some people, eh?
    I think that you ought to do a nice love song instead.

    Entertaining Satanus tune though. Speaking of songs about monsters, have you ever heard Blue Oyster Cult’s song Godzilla? They’re a deeply unfashionable band but it’s a great (and very influential on certain other bands) tune about a monster smashing shit up.

    Gary, another pretty good broadcast from the table, but I do miss some of that old-school sofa vibe

  5. Shameless Says:

    Silencecon sounds excellent value but seems to be lacking in post-con entertainment. I mean, Mozzercon has the man himself doing a DJ set. Any chance that The Beast could give his lucky guest half an hour with his iPod in shuffle mode?

    Not a dealbreaker though.

  6. Kieron Gillen Says:

    I think you should do a song about Journey Into Mystery from the perspective of someone who doesn’t read Journey Into Mystery guessing what it may be about just from whatever random crap you may or may not have seen on the Internet.

    This is what I think.

    Team Phonogram are talking about doing a Phonocon the weekend of the Morrison thing, as it’s my Birthday. It will be just Jamie and me sitting alone in the pub, crying.

  7. Ad Mindless Says:

    I’m sure Bobsy could head over and sit on your lap

  8. Aaron Says:

    MorrisonCon wasn’t Morrison’s idea. The organizers (the owner of Isotope Comics and Ron from iFanboy) had the idea to put together a curated convention, like ATP, and Grant was the first name they came up with. They pitched it, he was into it, and now it’s happening. Here’s an interview link:

    I suppose it’s possible that’s just the cover story and Morrison magiked them into some kind of hypnotic automaton status. Otherwise, it seems a bit off to tag it as an egofest, or anything like that. It’ll probably be fun.

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Journey into Mystery is just a great name for a tune.

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    A dutch trance tune…?

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Journey into mystery,
    Are we there yet I cannot see,
    There’s no way of knowing.
    Guess we’ll just have to keep on going

  12. Kieron Gillen Says:

    That’s basically the plot.

  13. KR Says:

    I’m glad somebody told the T on R.M. Guera…

  14. Zebtron A. Rama Says:

    I’ll only pay my ticket to Silencecon if it means I can watch GaryLactus act out the complete story of “Owlfight” in full costume.

  15. Michel Fiffe » Post DEATHZONE! Says:

    [...] Alliance before seeing the final product, so I’m really glad he liked it. Oh, and the Mindless Ones had some really nice things to say about it upon my revealing the comic; they always come through [...]

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