Finally, here it is. The Prism is the first and possibly the last (but by no means the least) Mindless Zine, beautifully designed by our Dan White.

We have:

Sean Witzke on Casanova
Amypoodle, Bobsy and Zom on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century
Go Robo 4, a new strip by Dan White
David Allison on Brian Chppendale’s Ninja and Maggots
Andrew Hickey on comics and Christmas (that’s how late this little project is)
Plok on Kirby’s celestial dreams
The Satrap rogue reviews Kang

It’s a big file, 19 megabytes of non-stop, comics oriented, PDF action, but it’s worth it, because you’re worth it. Download from Mediafire here.

If you have any problems getting hold of the file let us know!

41 Responses to “The Prism #1 – a Mindless Zine”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Excellent stuff, look forward to reading the shit out of it.

    The cover reminds me of this excellent piece of work, from charity shop staple ‘Hot Money’:

    I love prismatic horses.

  2. Zom Says:

    So do we. Specially flying ones

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  4. amypoodle Says:

    looking over what i wrote about a thousand months ago, it’s rough and ready, badly punctuated, the syntax is fucked, but… bollocks. try to enjoy.

  5. Gil Jaysmith Says:

    I’m most of the way through the LOEG stuff. This is the absolute business. Oddly, I don’t care about the typos as I normally might; it actually makes it look properly ziney, like it’s critically important that you had to xerox this draft for me right now before we both get any older and possibly die. This is going to be the living and pleasantly tentacled definition of appointment reading if, AS IT MUST, it reaches a second issue. Thank you, Mindless Ones.

  6. Illogical Volume Says:

    This is a thing of rare beauty, yes. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  7. QueenB Says:

    Hellz Yeah.

  8. QueenB Says:

    Is there an alternate place someone could upload it? Mediafire doesn’t seem to work on my PC (probably because I’m at work and shouldn’t be reading about comics all day).

  9. Zom Says:

    There’s probably nowhere where we could upload from which you could download it at work. Try it when you get home, if you still have problems contact us by email and we’ll try to sort something out

  10. Andrew Hickey Says:

    I have tons of server space on my blog. Would gladly upload it there tonight when I get home…

  11. Andrew Hickey Says:

    I could upload it to my wordpress account tonight if you want. I have tons of server space…

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  13. Zom Says:

    That would be brill, Andrew. Let me know once you’ve done it and I’ll bung up an alternative link.

  14. Botswana Beast Says:

    Hum, and I’m sort of enjoying the dissonance-cut of it, but apparently my Acrobat can’t find the font Thonburi so bits of Plok’s piece are illegible.

    Techy advices??!

  15. Jog Says:

    Ah, reading the comments on sexual violence in Moore’s work, and then Neonomicon #2 the next day… very interesting…

  16. Zom Says:

    Yankee cocktease!

  17. Bill Reed Says:

    Yes, quite a few lines in the Plok article are completely illegible on my computer.

    But otherwise, what a mammoth feast that I will slowly chew my way through.

  18. plok Says:

    Oh, how unfortunate! But man, all those weird symbols interfering with my words look kinda cool, don’t they? Kirbyesque hieroglyphs! Probably some Cosmic Being’s genetic code downloading into Zine-Space.

    Hey, I can’t complain! It’s saving me from suffering by comparison with everybody else’s amazing pieces. The sentimental favourite, unsurprisingly, being the freakin’ magisterial 1910 work, WOW…!

    But it’s a real close field, ain’t it?

    (Damn it, that’s my favourite Brit-Bat Villain Contest Winner on the cover, I’m sure of it! WOO-HOO!)

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  20. Andrew Hickey Says:

    The font problem is easy to fix – just get whoever created the font to set the program to embed all fonts in the PDF. It’ll make the file size larger, but it’s the only way to get it viewable on every computer. I learned that one the hard way with PEP! :-/

    I’ll save the reuploading til that’s done…

  21. bobsy Says:

    I’m not the me-own-trumpet-blowing type, well, no more so than anyone, usually, but anyway, the fact that I nailed the Percy Paynter ref. in the King’s X section of 1910? (Which I have since double checked and am totally spot on certain about.)

    Go me.

  22. plok Says:

    Such sharp stuff!

  23. Zom Says:

    Plok, I can only apologise, mate. It worked fine on my work computer so I didn’t think there was a problem. Unfortunately we need Dan to intervene but he’s rather busy this week.

    Once it’s fixed I’ll do everything in my power to get people to read it

  24. plok Says:

    Don’t sweat it, Zom!

  25. Jonathan Burns Says:

    A lovely thing God wot. The 1910 review was just enthralling. I thought I’d been paying attention, but you turned up aspects I’d never thought of.

    Do let us know when there’s an edition up with the full Plok. Not that him being interrupted by cosmic static wasn’t a chuckle; I mean you naturally expect that if people keep enquiring into Kirby with the proper enthusiasm, eventually the alphabet will blow a fuse.


  26. Zom Says:

    Thanks Jonathan. If we do it again we promise less typos, etc…

  27. amypoodle Says:

    I think we should a massive annos for 1969 no matter what.

  28. Zom Says:

    So do I

  29. plok Says:

    SO DO I…!

  30. plok Says:

    Oh, I see I’m completely repaired! Awesome. Er…it’s written a bit turgid though, don’t suppose there’s anything you guys can do about…?

    Oh right, that part was me, not the formatting.

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  34. dane Says:

    i’d love to read this–is a repost possible?

  35. Zom Says:

    There’s a link at the top of the sidebar, and…

    Now the link in this post is fixed

  36. Tim Jones Says:

    Re-repost? Would love to read the Casanova piece.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Seconded. It would be dreadful to have a quality work like this disappear completely.
    Why is it being taken down, again and again?

  38. Zom Says:

    I’m not sure what you guys are talking about. Click the link on the sidebar – works for me, anyway.

  39. cich Says:

    Is this still available anywhere? :/

  40. Adam Says:

    Gosh, a blast from the past. Here’s a download link

  41. cich Says:

    Thank you so much! :D

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