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12 Responses to “Mindless Mad Men #5 – Far Away Places”

  1. Ad Mindless Says:

    Soooooo much more to say but we had to stop somewhere!

  2. Roshan Says:

    you guys, this is an amazing review. Floored.

  3. Ad Mindless Says:

    Thanks a lot, Roshan.

  4. Ales Kot » ON THE MINDLESS ONES Says:

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  5. RetroWarbird Says:

    Bert’s moment was telling, and if there is the real fear of him losing it, that was like a lens coming into hyper-focus and aimed squarely at Don’s forehead. Pete’s “honeymoon” comment made good on.

    Roger’s sight-gags were great, and Don as spirit guide was interesting, but I didn’t think because of Roger’s idolizing of him. He does, but it struck me as funny that Roger’s spirit guide would be a slick con, basically selling him a pitch about how to handle his personal truths. It was also great that Roger’s fictional construct is in reality a made-up character, part of the con.

    The office did seem to have more genuine camaraderie in the earlier days of boozed out parties and lawnmower accidents. It was all fun and games, and Joan was the master of ceremonies. So what’s the office been lacking lately that’s got everyone so on-edge, and brittle? The threat of Bert and the deft hand of Joan keeping the machine well-oiled.

  6. address unknown Says:

    I was sitting in my domain with the Shriekback Nemesis cranked when it hit me: Mad Men=Man-Thing! Everything comes from and back to “A Candle for St. Cloud.” The nexus exists!

    We are all Gerber babies.

  7. Ad Mindless Says:


  8. Papers Says:

    Ginsberg’s Superboy to Draper’s Batman. I’m surprised they named Mars and not Krypton.

    I love–in the sense that I feel for–Jane by the end of Roger’s section, still baffled by what just happened, no manual available to her for how to navigate the post-trip waters. Post-trip, post-marriage–she doesn’t get as much time to show us who she is underneath, but Jane’s had a wave pattern of ego on this show, up and down.

    And Peggy has to fight. Don can drop whatever he’s doing for a Hitchcock interlude, Roger can get high and make life decisions effortlessly, but Peggy has to fight. For every inch.

  9. Ad Mindless Says:


  10. amypoodle Says:

    What I didn’t get to mention because I don’t have teh intehwebz at the moment….

    The new poster over at BoK that I was talking about just the other week’s opening salvo focused on this season’s promo image, and I think it might be nice to take another look at it given what we’ve seen so far.

    There were two main points (click the linky for posters and entire thread where poster’s unpacked):

    1. That the image refers to Pygmalion

    2. That the dress around the dummy’s ankles belongs to Peggy (in the season promo photos)

    Okuh-hey. Cool. This season’s clearly concerned with whether or not Peggy is Don’s creation. Is she marionette or agent? Submissive or active? Is she a little girl, humiliated, taking a dressing down from Mr Heinz the Patriarch. Or is she in charge? I like the way the image flickers between lots of conflicting possibilities.

    And all of this before we even get onto discussing Don.

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