A weekly strip by Fraser Geesin


The book Dream Date by Tim Leopard and Fraser Geesin is available from Running Water Press or from Amazon.

10 Responses to “The Amusing Brothers, Andrew and Steven.”

  1. David Uzumeri Says:

    Holy crap, this is amazing

  2. Chad Nevett Says:

    HAHAHA! My favourite one yet. Fantastic.

  3. David Uzumeri Says:

    This could seriously be, like, a Mitchell & Webb sketch

  4. sixmilliondollardan Says:

    But funny!

  5. The Satrap Says:

    I didn’t know Andrew and Steven were solid gold dancers. This is solid gold.

    That being said, shouldn’t it be “I’m afraid you don’t live much longer, Steven?”

    Or maybe it’s a time-warpy thing I’m not getting?

  6. Zom Says:

    Very lolly

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Holy tit farm! Got my own characters mixed up. Will have to edit. Cheers, The Satrap! Or can I call you “The” or “Satty” or “Rapster” or “Rapist”?

  8. The Satrap Says:

    Feel free to appropriate my silly nickname. The last proposal, “satrip” as it were, is an… interesting near-permutation of said nickname, but I don’t think it’s safe for work.

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Depends on what line of work you’re in, I suppose. Since this is a work situation I shall simply refer to you as Mr. The Satrap in future. Apologies for my over familiarity. By the the way I love the term “solid gold dancers”, especially when applied to characters as motionless as Andrew and Steven.

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