July 22nd, 2014



[ITEM] Yeah no shit The Beast Must Die isn’t here again, there’s a clue to why.

[ITEM] I don’t think they really do the whole [ITEM] thing any more, or have done for ages. How often do you actually listen to this podcast? That’s not even a song lyric….

[ITEM] Yeah no shit he’s really not here, so it’s fill in time on this the mightily new edition of SILENCE! #108!!

[ITEM] We start with Gary in conversation with the fabularious Colin Hoult, talking about several things comic, in all senses of the word. Colin is fucking excellent as you will hear so be sure to check out his personal website here, and if you one of those louche Brighton comedy guinea pig sorts go to his upcoming gig here. Random SILENCE! guest stars needing tents ROCK, so if you want to hear more from Colin and his camping ilk, be sure to say so in the comments below.

[ITEM] bobsy shows up, things get less funny, Colin’s wife arrives, Colin goes. How does Colin’s wife and the whole  professed  ’going for a jog’ thing match up, do you think? Was it all an elaborate lie to avoid drinking Gary’s cut price lager? Is ‘jogging’ a new euphemism for ‘shagging’ that those kids on tmblerr are using? The mystery deepens…

[ITEM] Before he has to go our three boyaboys talk about the recent Transformers vs. Action Force comic, the Tom Scioli one, we’re not dicks, and Transformersy stuff

[ITEM] Then it’s on to more comics of the strictly unfunny and very serious young man indeed type, as Gary and bobsy variously mention and harf-arsedly review a veritable shit-tonne of the cunts, including but possibly forgetting and in no particular order because the note-taking was very bad, Stray Bullets: Killers, Cap’n Dinosaur, 2KAD prog 1890, Batman Eternal, The Wicked + the Divine, The Life After, Decadence 10, Your Days are Numbered, the collected Spandex,  Copra, the collected Spacehawk, and possibly a couple of other things I’ve forgotten

[ITEM] It’s jolly hot though ISN’T IT THOUGH

[ITEM] I’ve quite a bad cough too, sorry if that breaks things up at all

[ITEM] That’s all really. Byeeeee! Enjoy SILENCE! #108

[ITEM] Bring back The Beast Must Die

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12 Responses to “SILENCE! #108”

  1. Derek Says:

    Welcome back. Missed u.

  2. bobsy Says:

    OK so, ‘Fletcher Hanks’, not ‘Chester Hawkes’, who was in Reservoir Dogs or something

    Also read the Wicked & the Divvies 2 on the bus home and it was pretty good – pop metal douchebag as the nu king of the underground was funny.

  3. Thrills Says:

    Good to have Silence! back! Pretty impressed you managed to approximate the Reviewniverse without actually entering it. I’m sure there’s a simple reason for that involving the nature of fiction, but I probably wouldn’t understand it.

    But, aye! In best Mark Cousins voice: “I waaanted to like Cap’n Dinosaur…”

    It sort of left me cold, though, like a lizard’s blood? It’s a solid concept, right enough, and I love Shaky Kane’s art and character design, but there wasn’t really any meat on this comic (for a dinosaur to smell and eat).

    I get that it’s a deliberately superficial, ‘fun’ romp, but it never really made me laugh out loud (I think the kids have an acronym for that), and the genre clichés tended to not be subverted in any especially clever ways (if at all).

    There seemed to be an unsettling male gazin’ aspect to it, also, but that may just be as I am a No-Fun Killjoy.

    Pretty bored of superhetero (har har) comics. Might give that ‘Spandex’ thingy a look.

    Citizen Sputnik was pretty neato, but.

  4. Podcast book reviewwww | Spandex Says:

    [...] It’s a cool podcast (the Spandex review is at about 30 minutes), it’s here: Like this:Like [...]

  5. tam Says:

    Those Miller drawn Daredevil comics are a bit dated now although they still look good and hold up better than most other stuff that was being put out at the time. There were some fun ones though, there was a great playful one-off Foggy Nelson vs the Kingpin story called ‘Guts’ that’s worth tracking down.

    Mind you, superhero comics often date quickly. I recently grabbed a bunch of 10p marvel comics at the London comic mart from around the time of Marvel Civil war. I thought I was getting a bargain but found most of them so completely unreadable that I want my £1.60 back.

    Good luck with the move Mr Lactus. Transporting comics is the worst thing about having to move. As you’re packing you suddenly, unhappily realise that while individual comics are flimsy and insubstantial, they’re collectively the densest thing you own… But you’ll get a nice warm glow of satisfaction when you unpack them into their new home

    Gah! No Silence! for the next few weeks? Where am we going to get our fixes of rambling about comics? Please hurry back, godspeed…

  6. Cass Says:

    Love Miller/Janson Daredevil. I don’t think it dates poorly. It’s “dated” of course, but I never really found myself groaning, even during the umpteenth recap of Daredy’s origin. It helps that Miller’s art during that period is an absolute treat to behold.

    @tam: Marvel comics from the 2000s on the other hand have dated exceptionally poorly. In that period, all the writers and editors at Marvel had a huge boner for what Bendis had done with DD and were trying to recreate that vibe. It was a novelty at the time to have a bunch of talking heads in a superhero comic, with “”"”naturalistic”"”" dialogue and one brief fight scene every three issues (I also feel that there was a strong undercurrent of fans feeling that this style legitimized comics as a medium, since it mimicked tropes from the legitimate medium of television). Now that the gloss has worn off, we see that these comics are just boring and tedious. Plus none of those guys knew how to write naturalistic dialogue in the first place.

  7. jameswheeler Says:

    The other thing about Marvel comics from the 2000s is they got us used to reading things in book-sized chunks, so when you plow through a collected Miller-Daredevil now it can get a bit repetitive/less good than it would be otherwise.

    (Though nothing can dull the moment when Bondage Toughs ejaculate* all over a supine Daredevil.)

    At the start of Mark Waid’s Daredevil run (and possibly to this day) he was recapping DD’s powers/origin every issue, and managing it quite elegantly I thought.

    *”pour” “foamy” “beer”

  8. Illogical Volume Says:

    Thrills – I really enjoy typing your name with the html for bold in front of it, makes me feel like I’m writing “Strong Thrills!”

    There’s a degree of male-gaze to the Cap’n Dinosaur, I think. I enjoyed it more than you seem to have, even if it wasn’t quite as funny as THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A ROBOT!, which wins from the title on down.

    Kane’s style runs parallel to your more traditional alt-commix heroes, and so it sometimes crashes through the same walls of BadLeering in the pursuit of self-gratification.

    I’m tempted to argue that drawing blocky pictures of guys with satellite heads is less boring than drafting endless pages of piggybacks and wanking, but I guess that’s up for argument even though I’ve loaded the debate in Kane’s favour with my crude caricature of Alt Comix, so…

    Hmmm, I’ll come back to you on this. Need to think about how much I enjoy Kane on the level of pure formalism and how much I need a sense of subversion in there to properly praise him…

    Spandex is definitely worth a try though! I’ve had a post in the drafts since November where I talk it up alongside Raygun Roads and a little comic called GutsPower.

    If I post it now it’ll look like I’m ripping off Bobsy’s excellent review here, but I should probably finish it anyway…

  9. Thrills Says:

    Have since ordered ‘Spandex’. Whoooo!

    “I’m tempted to argue that drawing blocky pictures of guys with satellite heads is less boring than drafting endless pages of piggybacks and wanking”

    Oh completely, it definitely is. I have plenty of hate for a lot of ‘alt comix’. Like anything else, huge swathes of them are complete dullsville/shite, with drabness masquerading as worthiness.

    I almost picked up a comic in a sale at Forbidden Planet as it was dead cheap, but then saw it was about someone’s final year at uni, with no apparent hook. I think it may have been Davey Campbell who said about Joe Sacco “unlike most autobiography, Sacco at least has the decency to have an interesting life” or summat. Lots of autobio alt. folx should take heed! Though I suppose there’s nothing wrong with documenting your grey life, if it’s well written or looks nice or something? ‘The personal is the political’ and all that? Also, it’s good that people create!

    I am trying to turn my negativity into positivity.

    Couldn’t find “…Robot” Kane/Quantick in the shops, but it remains on my ‘to buy’ list. As I say, I have a lot of time for Shaky Kane, and my standards for him are a bit higher than for whatever Bat-shite I’m taking out of the library.

  10. Illusionator Says:

    I saw Hacker Farm at Tusk festival in Newcastle last year. They were great. Merch as made up of obsolete media (e.g. Tracks on 3.5″ floppy discs in a knitted bag). Worth seeing live. Louder. Great pod, sorry you’ll be away :(

  11. Matthew Craig Says:

    Late to the party, pal, but yes. Don’t tell him I said this, but Martin Eden’s Spandex was about the best superhero comic going for a minute, there. Martin’s a great and unsung knight of UK superhero comics from waaaay back in the day.

    There’s digital copies of the whole series over at if ye can’t wait for the postie. Issue 3 is the absolute beaut.

    Also, Colin Hoult! Being Human was ace! Russell Tovey would make a great Jack Staff. He’s very Gristian in appearance.


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    [...] unreality with ease. Brother Bobsy mentioned Paul Grist as an obvious reference point when he discussed the collected Spandex on SILENCE! and there’s definitely something to that: like Jack Staff or Mud Man, Spandex is humorous [...]

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